Artworks by Li Shengzeng

Playing by Li Shengzeng

70 x 21 x 48cm

Gaze no.10 by Li Shengzeng

34 x 24 x 29cm

Look Askance by Li Shengzeng

52 x 34 x 14cm

Gaze no.9 by Li Shengzeng

49 x 11 x 41cm

Gaze no. 6 by Li Shengzeng

90 x 41 x 62 cm

Gaze no. 7 by Li Shengzeng

81 x 18 x 61 cm

Gaze no. 1 by Li Shengzeng

49 x 15 x 33 cm

Gaze no. 3 by Li Shengzeng

72 x 22 x 44 cm

Gaze no. 2 by Li Shengzeng

64 x 22 x 31 cm

Li Shengzeng


Graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from Tsinghua University in 2013

About The Dog Series
“Leaving individuals behind is painful”, admits the sculptor, but it allows us to reduce confusion and see the value and force of life. In the space of impermanent compounds, what we pursue may not exist really and we can only feel the value and force of life when the doom is set. It allows us the clarity to reduce confusion; to find true self is difficult, but it gives us the happiness of one in a million.

Shengzeng’s sculptures are the result of Eastern classical painting and imagery that’s been combined with past experiences. The artist describes his creative process as digging deep into his heart and excavating “works that originally exist from various experiences.”