Artworks by Gao Feng

Gao Feng


Born in Urumqi, Xinjiang Province and graduated from the Fine Arts Department of the Xinjiang Normal University and the Sculpture Department of the China Central Fine Arts Academy, Gao Feng works range from performance, installation, sculpture to painting. In the Micro Organism series, presented on the website, Gao Feng shows his particulair interest for microscopic life.

2012 Group Exhibition “Biology-Ecology China-Holland Exhibition”, Songzhuang Museum of Arts, Beijing.
2011 Solo Exhibition, “Traditional Mutations 2011” Shangpu, Beijing.
“Culture Dessert- Kubuqi Contemporary Art Exhibition”, Erdos, Inner Mongolia.
“Open Art Platform Exhibition”, Songzhuang Museum of Arts, Beijing.
“Forever”Artron Gallery, Beijing
“Xinjiang Scripture”, Urumuqi, Xinjiang
2010 Group Exhibition, “39° Heterology”, LDX Contemporary Art Gallery / Beijing, Songzhuang
“Xinjiang Art Energy”, Beijing Songzhuang Art Center / Beijing
Solo Exhibition, “Living Organisms from Ancient Times to the Present”, EGG Gallery/
Beijing, Caochangdi
Incidental Art Festival, Sunshine International Museum / Beijing
Group Exhibition “Time Allegory”/ Beijing 798 Space
2009 Collective Opening Exhibition, Wancheng Art Gallery/Beijing, Songzhuang
2008 Anamamix, 100 Images Exhibition, Beijing 798 Lingda Art Center/Shanghai, Singapore, Indonesia
Miami Asian Contemporary Art Fair, Art+Shanghai Gallery
“Truth is a Virus” 2nd Annual Touch Without Danger Charity Contemporary Art Exhibition
Gao Feng Solo Exhibition, Shanghai
“Moca Envisage II Butterfly Dream” MOCA Shanghai
“Collectivity and Individuality” Chinese Contemporary Exhibition, Taiwan
“Acting Fool” Beijing 798- Korea Capital Gallery
“Corporeal Reincarnation” TAPE Art Space,Berlin, Germany
“Painting Viruses” Gao Feng Solo Exhibition, 798 Art+Beijing
“Post-traditional”, Art+Shanghai
“Collision” New Shanghai, FQ Projects
“Cosmos” Beijing, 798 Art+Beijing
2007 “ Mosaic of Contemporary Art” Exhibition Beijing, Vannessa Art Link
“Past existence-Present life” Hanmo Art Gallery, Beijing, Dashanzi 798
Animamix: From Modernity to Eternity” MOCA Shanghai