Artworks by AARON

Cents Buffet by AARON

120 x 120 cm
Mixed Media

Dollar Monroe by AARON

55 x 130 x 10 cm
Digigraphy, Aluminium & Acrylic Glass

Stamp by AARON

34 x 31 x 1 cm
Digigraphy, Aluminium & Acrylic Glass

Dollar Basquiat by AARON

85 x 160 cm
Digigraphy, Aluminium & Glass


Aaron was born in 1974, he is a major contemporary art figure. As a child, he admired his grandfather, who was a painter and inherited his name when he passed away as his grandfather was his source of inspiration.

As a youngster, he|began music as a self-taught jazz pianist. He felt the need to create, yearned to share and broadcast his joy and depict it through his work. He experimented with protean forms of expression, collage, personalizing daily objects such as motorcycle helmets, sculptures and musical instruments. Through an intense passion and limitless creativity, Aaron sketches a story and conveys an underlying message behind each of his works.

His “dollars” turn into art work, cults. One can see faces of Kate Moss, Obama, Marilyn Monroe, Charlie Chaplin or Mick Jagger on these objects, as icons. Aaron is influenced by pop-art, street art, digital and experimental works but also avant-garde works …There are recurrent themes in his work: violins, cellos, pianos, bulldogs etc. Mass culture and consumerism are familiar territories to him, but he also turned towards other artists, such as Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein, Robert Indiana not to mention Britto.He stands out through his fantastic landscapes in dark colors, a dreamlike and poetic universe enhanced with self-deprecation.

Aaron has worked with several artists such as ZED, David David, Rakel Wajnberg and Richard Orlinski. The notion of exchange and sharing is the governing principle of his career. His career keeps progressing, through heightened sensitivity and generosity, his works are represented all around the work. For example, in May 2017, Aaron joined the hall of fame of the contemporary art scene and exhibited in New York. His works are portrayed next to Mr Brainwash, Jonone, Bruno Catalano and Speedy Graffito. When Aaron depicts his world with passion, the common aspects are often “joyful, colorful, pop, modern and emotional.” This is where the real beauty lies: inspire a great deal of optimism into life and please others. As “a painting comes alive when you look at it” said Pablo Picasso.