Artworks by Ali Esmaeilipour

Imagine by Ali Esmaeilipour

120 x 120cm
Acrylic on Canvas

Birth of Venus by Ali Esmaeilipour

130 x 90cm
Acrylic on Canvas

Piece of Life No.2 by Ali Esmaeilipour

165 x 90cm
Acrylic on Canvas

By the Window by Ali Esmaeilipour

115 x 115 cm
Acrylic on Canvas

Ali Esmaeilipour

Born 1962 Iran
Education: Zangar Academy Of The Fine Art Tehran/Iran

Awards & Permanent Collections
​1997 Best artist at 4th Biennale at the Contemporary Museum of Art in Tehran
Permanent Exhibition at The Cultural Heritage Museum of Iran
First prize in 2001 in International Artist Magazine Issue 20
One of the Best at Contemporary Art Fair in Singapore 2017