Artworks by Bi Heng

Transformer OX (Small) by Bi Heng

30cm / Limited Edition 99
20cm / Limited Edition 999

Mickey mouse by Bi Heng

35 x 24 x 25cm
Stainless Steel

Fatherland by Bi Heng

60 x 32 x 35cm

Hero by Bi Heng

60 x 30 x 45cm each
Mixed media

Terminator no.1 by Bi Heng

45 x 27 x 28cm
Mixed media

Terminator no.2 by Bi Heng

45 x 28 x 27cm
Mixed media

Pry by Bi Heng

46 x 28 x 26cm

My Culture by Bi Heng

57 x 60 x 23cm

Guan Gong (small) by Bi Heng

99 x 60 x 25 cm

Iron Panda (small) by Bi Heng

16 x 14 x 13 cm

China (Red) by Bi Heng

600 x 550 x 350 cm
Comprehensive Material

Chinese Dragon by Bi Heng

600 x 550 x 350 cm
Comprehensive Material

Iron Panda by Bi Heng

700 x 900 x 550 cm
Comprehensive Material

The Real Monkey King by Bi Heng

1100 x 700 x 400 cm
Comprehensive Material

Small Mickey by Bi Heng

18 x 12 x 12 cm

Guan Gong by Bi Heng

approx. 10 cm height
Army Trucks

Bi Heng


Talented emerging Chinese contemporary sculptor Bi Heng is Chin’a first sculptor who incorporates the intricacy and attention to detail of regular sized sculptures into his monumental outdoor artworks, interpreting a new contemporary artistic language based on traditional Chinese culture.

Bi Heng’s intended meaning of his monumental sculptures go deeper beyond their exciting and fun appearances. They cleverly present mankind’s troubles with ecology while the ‘transhumanism’ state is symbolic of human technological advancement advocating of freedom and autonomy. It is a symbol of high technology overriding natural hegemonic in western countries. The distinctively ‘Asian’ icons such as the giant panda and the god ‘Guan Gong’ come from eastern mysticism, symbolising everything in the world is allelopathy. All together, these sculptures are statements that progress and preservation of nature should go hand-to-hand.

The combination of Art and Public and the successful use of film dissemination of artistic ideas enabled his works to be truly made for the ‘public’.

1985 Born in Beijing, China
2005 Graduated from High School Affiliated to the Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA)
2010 Graduated from the Sculpture Department, CAFA
2010 Working towards Master degree in department of Sculpture, CAFA

2010 Graduate work “Liberation”, also known as Guan Transformers, invited to be displayed in business centers of Shenyang, Guiyang, Xi’an, Xuzhou and Linyi. An Indonesian collector bought this work
2009 The 11th National Art Exhibition Beijing
2008 In-School Students’ Achievement Exhibition Beijing
The 90 Year Anniversary Exhibition of Central Academy of Fine Arts Beijing
Zeng Zhushao Scholarship Exhibition Beijing
2007 The First Session-2007 of Student Life Sketch Plastic Arts Exhibition of CAFA Beijing
2006 CAFA-Observation and Expression-Theme Exhibition Beijing