Artworks by Chen Li

Wide Gap by Chen Li

130 x 170 cm
Oil on Canvas

Colonial Times by Chen li

170 x 130 cm
Oil on Canvas

Within the Room by Chen Li

130 x 110 cm
Oil on Canvas

Pregnancy by Chen Li

74.2 x 109.5 cm
Oil on Canvas

Chen Li


2000 Central Academy of Fine Arts (Fresco), CHINA

Chen Li, (b. 1975, Chinese), a real artist whose world is forever an independent, thriving kingdom in the process of self-perfection. His paintings present subtly about the world around him and depict million of thoughts by using structure style with high proficiency. He is interested in exploring a new emotive personal way portraying people, ornament, symbols that follow the genuine social, human cultural concern apparent in the paintings of the western master he favored.

His expressive style has many hiding passages such as accidents; footpaths; ornament; road and scenarios with aesthetic interest but under the domination of the human materialism world view, which is incompatible with pursuit of today’s cloud computing, the leading characteristics of unlimited expansion of the information age.

Chen’s works of art combined with realism and surrealism evocates Eastern and Western elements, while graduated from Fresco paintings where he always composes his work through mural methods, input different characteristic to create visual imagery. By combining figuration with a varied pictorial language, the artist creates visual narratives that draw inspiration from ancient and modern history.

Through his incorporates recognizable images – Marxism leaders, Ancient Chinese warriors; clown; radio; telephone all these references are intended as a specific commentary on a time period or object.

Born in the family of artist Chen is the youngest child. He graduated from the Guizhou Art Institute and the Central Academy of Fine Art, Beijing. Most of his works are from the Cultural Revolution to Computer Revolution which give first and foremost a rich visual experience that are not intended to be simply “understood” on a literal manner.