Artworks by Chen Qingqing

Chen Qingqing


1953 Born in Beijing
1972 Practiced traditional Chinese medicine in Beijing
1980 Foreign Language and Literature (Anglo-German) Professional, Beijing, Vienna, Austria
1994 Started with artistic creations and became a freelance artist

Solo Exhibitions

2009 “Dream of fifteen Years”, Installation art by Chen Qing Qing, LDX Art Center

of Beijing, Suongzhuang

2008 Qing Qing Enchanted Paradise, Schoeni Gallery, Hong Kong

2005 Mirage of 798 — Secret Light, Qing Qing’s Installation Exhibition(798 Dayaolu zhanchon)

2005 Qing Qing Installation Exhibition, Tokyo Gallery, Japan

2002 Qing Qing Installation Exhibition, Today Art Museum

2002 Qing Qing Solo exhibition of Mixed Media, Red Gate Gallery, Beijing

2000 Qing Qing Installation, Gallery Contemporary Chinese, London

1999 Nomad of the Soul, AAL-Gallery Karl Strobe, Vienna

1996 Installation work HOME , showed in Modern Art Museum, Vienna

Group Exhibitions

2009 Translucence—Female Contemporary Art From China, European Center of Contemporary Art (Electric Center),Belgium

2009 The living Chinese Garden, Belgium,Europalia International Art,Belgium,

2008 Facing China- ­e Fu Ruide Collection, Museum of Iceland, Austria, Norway, Finland, Sweden

2007 Floating – New Generation of Art in China, Korea National Modern Art Museum, Seoul, Korea

2007 Escape by Crafty Scheme-salvation From Traditional and Revolution Language, Square Gallery of Contemporary Art, Nanjing, China

2006 Chinese in Indigenous Mode: Contemporary Renaissance in Aesthetic Reconstruction, Beijing Today Art Museum

2002 Golden Harvest—Chinese Contemporary Art, Zagreb

2002 East Asian Women and Her stories, Seoul, Korea

2001 Documentation of Chinese Avant-Garde Art in 90s, Fukuoka Asian Art Museum, Japan

2000 Hannove Expo, Hannove, Germany

1999 Womanifesto II, Second international Woman’s Art Exchange, Saranrom Park, Bangkok

1997 Forest Textile installation Festival, Austria, second praised 1998

1997 Intuition, Experience, Concept Installation, Gallery of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing

Works being collected by China National Museum and New Museum in New York and many collectors in the word collection