Artworks by Gao Qiang

China Times- Mao’s Speech by Gao Qiang

Oil on Canvas
150 x 200 cm

Gao Qiang


Gao Qiang was born in 1957, in Dalian, Liaoning Province, China. He began his artistic career from 1994 in the Painters’ Village in Yuanmingyuan.

Gao Qiang’s paintings are influenced by both social realism and European styles. Using the authoritative qualities of both, he embarks on history painting with a twist. Taking his imagery from iconic press photos, Gao Qiang’s works contain two elements. One is the faithful reproduction of ‘real events’ from newspapers, the other element is combined details based on his own imagination. The premise is to present the audience with a different reality. Our supposed ‘reality’ is derived from different media, including the newspaper. The artist questions this kind of ‘reality’. Gao  canvases coherently yet including represent the world as we know it.

In China-fying history, Gao Qiang investigates dynamics of both the west’s Eurocentric, and China’s isolationist past world views. Beneath his paintings lies the intriguing proposition: how differently things might have turned out if only a little thing like ideology didn’t get in the way.

Illustrating the Chairman’s import and omnipresence in 20th Chinese society, Gao Qiang re-authors the most cherished moments of collective memory with a ‘Forrest Gump’ effect, creating a specious mythology based in unabashed optimism.

Selected Exhibitions:

2014 The First China – ASEAN Art Biennial (Nanning, Guangxi)

2013 Der letzen zehn jahre, a retrospective; Kunsthalle Neuffer am Park, Germany

2011 Phillips de pury & company auction,London

2010 Red River – Gao Qiang;Galerie Albert Benamou, Paris

2009 Art Paris – Grand Palais; Paris

2009 Art Basel – Miami Beach; Miami

2008 The Swimming Mao Zedong, published in the fifth edition of National Geography, 2008

2007 RAAB Gallery, Joint exhibition; Berlin

2006 October/Ten People, joint exhibition; Rain Gallery, 798 art zone

2006 Open exhibition of artists’ studio in Shangyuan

2006 Grey Red, joint exhibition; New Art project in 798 Art Zone

2006 Solo Exhibition, DPD Gallery, Frankfurt

2005 China-Wasbeibf, Galerie 99; Aschaffenurger, Germany

2004 Beijing Artists’ Painting Exhibition, Geyuntang Gallery, Beijing

2003 China Mainland Artists Gallery joint Exhibition

2003 Dialogue Series Exhibition, Sunny Art Salon, Beijing

2002 Exhibition of Shangyuan artists’ works; Center of Science, Education & Culture, Macau

2001 Red Wave – Solo Exhibition;Muse Gallery, Beijing

1997-2000 Painted the large series of paintings, The Times of China

1996 The Trace of Fish, #1,2,4,5,7; The Awakening China – China Contemporary Art Exhibition, Bonn, Germany

1996 The Trace of Fish, #3; China Guardian Auctions, Beijing

1995 Four Artists’ Works, Songfengxuan Gallery, Beijing

1985 Inside the Red Chamber, Beijing-Dalian oil paintings Joint Exhibition; Nation Art Museum of China