Artworks by Jiang Chuan

Dragon’s Descendent by Jiang Chuan

Oil on Acrylic Panel
300 cm (diameter)

Chair by Jiang Chuan

Mixed Media
80 x 60 x 120 cm

The Dragon’s Throne by Jiang Chuan

Stain Glass on Wood
160 x 200 cm

Story of the Phoenix by Jiang Chuan

200 x 220 cm
Oil on Canvas

Big Knifes by Jiang Chuan

Stain Glass
200 x 120 cm

Story of the Phoenix 2 by Jiang Chuan

Oil on Acrylic Panel
300 cm (diameter)

Jiang Chuan


Among the contemporaries of his generation, prominent emerging artist Jiang Chuan’s glass themed works debut with an important message, reflecting the fusion of Western art and classical Chinese culture.

Jiang Chuan was deeply interested in the Chinese culture and history while studying in the United States. He chose the ornamental ‘stain glass’ as the basis for his creation elements to depict this sense of modern visual empowerment Each work have a distinctive theme of Chinese story with nearly one thousand different colors that are inspired by European medieval church architectural forms. The bold colors are displayed vividly before us and as we look at Jiang Chuan’s works, we will be awed by not only the magical colors, but also the interpretation of the traditional cultural complex resulting in outstanding works beyond space and time.