Artworks by Leo Caillard

Leo Caillard

Artist Leo Caillard toys with our relationship with time. Through a blend of different periods and anachronism, he prompts us to reflect on the present in relation to our past.

Inspired by science and the concerns of our contemporary society, he invites us to take a fresh look at our era, open to history, in order to rethink our future.

Leo Caillard was born in Paris, France in 1985. He belongs to this new generation of artists associated with the significant changes that have been taking place since the 2000s with the dawn of the digital age and the new concerns of societies.

A proponent of new technologies and science, his interests lay in exploring time and quantum physics, eventually leaving the world of numbers and expressing his investigations through a career in art. Graduating from École des Gobelins in 2008, he continued studying the history of art and practiced photography while carrying out research in the realm of 3D and new media.

“My eyes have always sought to observe the world to uncover its meaning and codes. I thought that a methodical understanding through science would provide the answers but the artistic and conceptual aspect prevailed in the end. I try to show what we think we know differently, so as to shake-up our convictions and establish a dialogue between periods. We are at a crossroads of sweeping changes requiring us to look back at our past history.”