Artworks by Liu Quan

Sunny Day by Liu Quan

80 x 72 cm
C-Print Photography

Early Spring by Liu Quan

80 x 77 cm
C-Print Photography

Morning & Night by Liu Quan

90 x 75 cm
C-Print Photography

Ghost City by Liu Quan

120 x 100 cm
C-Print Photography

Everyone is Here by Liu Quan

80 x 84 cm
C-Print Photography


Big Coke by Liu Quan

120 x 100 cm
C-Print Photography

A Poet’s Afternoon by Liu Quan

80 x 92 cm
C-Print Photography

Liu Quan


Liu Quan 1961 was born in Beijing.
Engaged in oil painting, acrylic, collage, and other comprehensive material art practice in the 1980`s.

In his works, he adopts a multiple perspective to investigate the structure and formation of identity through myth, personal memory and lived experience. Liu Quan creates digitally enhanced photographs based on surrealistic, staged scenes that comment on universal social conflicts. Wang has observed his country morph from an insular, rural nation to an economic giant, living through events that shook the country like the Cultural Revolution.

Liu Quan talks about the human condition and portrays the young generation, confused between past and present influences, as a reaction to China’s rapid modernization and the increasing loss of traditional culture. Although set in contemporary urban China, his portraits recall the composition of classical literati paintings.

Selected Exhibitions:
1985-Beijing November Exhibition
1986-The work “The eternal moment”
published in and included in [Chinese
modern art history]
1986-Youth paintings exhibition in Beijing. 2012-Digital art exhibition in Yifine Gallery in
Beijing 798 art zone.
2013.2 -18 pieces works were published in
Italy Daydreaming magazine
2013.3 Artwork [Hot] No.7 has been collected by Bencham