Artworks by Lv Yanjun

War Glamour by Lv Yanjun

110 x 130 cm
Oil on Canvas

Bright Lips by Lv Yanjun

150 x 200 cm
Oil on Canvas

Dreaming in Blue by Lv Yanjun

150 x 130 cm
Oil on Canvas

War Glamour _ Tranquility by Lv Yanjun

Oil on Canvas
110 x 130cm

War Glamour by Lv Yanjun

Oil on Canvas
150 x 250 cm

Lv Yanjun


There are a number of works about the Revolution Period in Chinese history, mostly being labeled as ‘political pop art’ or ‘cynical realism’. Many times these works feature characters that are either warped, numb or abnormal.

However, the young girls in Lv Yanjun’s paintings are amazingly beautiful. In fact, they often remind us of the beauty and youthfulness that were throttled during those mad years.

Lv focuses on the facial expressions of the young women, his exquisite painting style reveals the delicacy of oriental women’s porcelain-like skin texture. The pale faces under the caps shows an incarnation of the depression and confinement of the past. It is rebellious, it reveals desires, and it strikes against our vision.

His pieces have been exhibited internationally and Private Collectors from all over the world collect his works.

1992 Hold Personal Exhibition in People’s art
Center in Handan City, Hebei Province
2007 Art Group Exhibition In Songzhuang, Beijing
2008 Surviving the Present Exhibition In Beijing
2009 Scene Exhibition in A Area Art Museum ln Beijing