Artworks by McCrow

Made Safe by McCrow

87 x 25cm
Polished, stained & bar coded AK47, barbed wire


AK47 – AKAO Print by McCrow

119 x 84cm
perspex face mounted, digital print of AK47

Gun Peace by McCrow

150 x 100cm
AKM chopped up, framed

The Ultimate Strategy by McCrow

75 x 75cm
Various Military rounds polished on a board of bone

Arsenal of Democracy by McCrow

125 x 175cm
7,056 spent military rounds


Don’t Shoot (GB) by McCrow

90 x 122cm
1,531 spent military rounds


Renaissance – Mona Lisa by McCrow

97 x 73cm
4,081 spent military rounds
Mona Lisa hand carved replicated 24ct Gold gilt frame


Invader Media No Drugs by McCrow

40 x 40cm
Mixed Media

In Case of Emergency by McCrow

72 x 52cm
Mixed Media

Something to Remember by McCrow

205 x 120cm
Hand painted AK47 mounted onto large format face-mounted photograph.
AK47 origin Russia, removed from Africa.

Nuts Set in Neon by McCrow

Removed from Cambodia
Decommissioned AK47, Russian origin
150 x 100cm

Bold as Brass by McCrow

125 x 175cm
7,056 spent military rounds,

Digital Warfare Reflected by McCrow

112 x 90cm
2,753 spent British military rounds

Two Dollar Bill by McCrow

60 x 142cm
6,556 spent military rounds


Invader Break Out by McCrow

120 x 100cm
Wood & Rounds

Toy Gun (2012 Original) by McCrow

87cm x 25cm (framed 150cm x 100cm)
Removed from DR Congo.Decommissioned AK47,
Chinese origin.
Red paint, enamel and stencilled


Total War – The Invaders by McCrow

250 x 150cm
made up of military calibre rounds

World War 2.5 by McCrow

164 x 100cm
2,038 spent rounds


In the Foot Prints of Buddha by McCrow

130 x 130cm
Made up of 3,025 spent military rounds

AK47 Black & White by McCrow

Decommissioned AK47, Russian origin
87cm x 25cm (framed 150cm x 100cm)
Black on white paint, lacquered


McCrow’s art pioneers the concept of the art of disarmament; his work is controversial, thought provoking and embraces the contradictory views that come with guns and refocuses them with a fresh perspective and a heartfelt purpose, giving them a new life as unique and provocative pieces of art.

In 2011 McCrow’s close friend lost both legs and an arm in an explosion whilst on tour in Afghanistan. It was one of the catalysts that turned a distant fascination with guns and weaponry into questions about individual purpose, morality, hidden stories and the ability of one person to make a difference.

Since then, working with governments, the UN, Police Forces and NGO’s, McCrow is on a quest to deactivate and destroy as many illicit and surplus guns, ammunition, bombs, and mines as he can. It’s a journey to understand first hand the terrible consequences of conflict and through his art, tell the unheard, human (and not so human) stories that share their past with each weapon he finds.

Guns have long had an extraordinary and terrible influence over us. There are those who glorify them, those that subjugate through them and those who suffer by them. McCrow captures this polarizing behaviour and brings the subject into the 21st century, portraying it with originality, wit, and soul.

Working with weaponry procured directly from areas of conflict and then decommissioned, McCrow wants people to look beyond their new representation to acknowledge the dark story each weapon carries with it and to challenge our sanitized view of guns.

Every artwork comes with a certificate of authenticity and unique number to confirm that the weapon has been decommissioned to British Standards and can never be used again.