Artworks by Ran Hwang

Healing Forest WRW by Ran Hwang

200 x 100cm
Buttons, Beads, Pins on Wooden Panel

Ode to Second Full Moon by Ran Hwang

100 x 100cm
Paper Buttons, Beads, Pins on Plexiglas

Healing Forest SP by Ran Hwang

110 x 90cm
Buttons, Beads, Pins on Wooden Panel

Ran Hwang

As a Korean born, New York based artist, Hwang creates large iconic figures that embody her preoccupation with the nature of cyclical life, non-visibility and the beauty of a transient moment. Her earlier career in the fashion industry and the personal memories of 9/11 attack have led her to adopt the everyday materials into the delicate and dramatic works, whereas the artist’s lifetime practice of Zen Buddhism has blended into the sophisticated hand-work accompanied by repetition and penance. Through her performative and conceptual approach, Hwang depicts the time of reflection and rumination of a human being in the society.

Her works reside in the collections of museums such as the Brooklyn Museum, Dubai Opera, the Des Moines Art Center, NY University and the National Museum of Contemporary Art in Seoul. She has had her solo exhibition at the Mass MoCA, ACM Museum, Hermes Foundation in Singapore, Leila Heller Gallery in NY, and exhibited internationally in Switzerland, France, Korea, Dubai, and numerous other cities.