Artworks by Ren Jianhui

Bosom Friend by Ren Jianhui

195 x 149 cm
Oil on Canvas

Harvest by Ren Jianhui

195 x 164 cm
Oil on Canvas

Ren Jianhui


Born in Chengdu, China, in 1956, Ren graduated from Beijing’s Central Academy of Craft and Design (now known as Qing Hua University) and was taught by acclaimed artist, Professor Wu Guan Zhong. He is presently a member of the China Artists Association, the President of Artists Society of Singapore. After exploring different styles and various media in his artistic career of more than two decades, he has finally settled with his current expressive method. With oil-painting, his emotions can be better expressed with a wider selection of colours and brushstrokes. Through semi-realism, Ren Jian Hui shows a new-found energy in modern oil-painting, which includes the combination of modernity and primitivism. And by his unique methods of processing the paint, he has mastered the optimum way to treat background and foreground separately on canvas, while producing a perfectly complementary effect.