Artworks by Su Zihan

Look my eyes no.2 by Su Zihan

150 x 100cm
oil on canvas

Deep Thinking by Su Zihan

150 x 150cm
oil on canvas

Sweet Dream by Su Zihan

120 x 80cm
oil on canvas

My games by Su Zihan

200 x 150cm
oil on canvas

Look my eyes no.1 by Su Zihan

100 x 80cm
oil on canvas

Backyard Garden by Su Zihan

150 x 100cm
Oil on Canvas

Su Zihan


Born in Chuzhou, Anhui Province
Graduated from Fine Arts Department of Chuzhou College major in Art Education, Anhui Province, China
Graduated from Fine Arts Acadamy Oil Department of Anhui Normal University, Anhui Province, China

A researcher working on the history of the erotic arts will find an interesting thing: erotic paintings of the Republic of China period don’t necessararily induce the sexual passion of the people living in Han Dynasty, while such paintings of the Shang Dynasty might not be sexually inviting to the Tang Dynasty people. The expression of eroticism varies from dynasty to dynasty in the history of china. Even people of the same period have different stimulating points in this regard.

The expression mode of Su Zihan, a young artist, is to highlight the depiction of lip, tongue, waist and fashion of a woman; he does not focus on the hip and direct nude body of woman, which are traditional objects for artists.Whether in Chinese tradition or in western cultures, open expession of sexual urge is not welcome, We could find few erotic paintings among the legacy of our ancestors; most of them have been destroyed, so as not to entail woe on the after ages. For example, none of roughly 20 erotic paintings custom made by Pope Leo X, a humanist enjoying the worldly life, at the beginning of the 16th Century is preserved no. The huge collection of erotic paintings and sculptures then kept by the Medici family in the palace of Fontainebleau all have disappeared now.

Up to now, labor has been under no pressure for purpose of living, and the economy is showing a momentum of overall growth, thus youths begin to pursue the satisfaction of various desires, of which the sexual passion and desire are the most important. The statement of desires and youth years made by Su in his paintings titled Only Love Strangers, greatly impacts the past social awareness, and praises those youths who are brave to work on their puesuits. Through publicizing the longing for sexual passions and satisfaction of desires as shown in the paintings, youths will reject the past values and conduct standards of the old generations. Is this possible in China? New generation artists including Su Zihan are exploring the possibility.