Artworks by Sui Jianguo

Sui Jianguo


One of the most important contemporary Chinese sculptors working today, Sui Jianguo was born 1956, Qingdao, Shandong Province. He was educated at the Shandong Institute of Fine Arts and the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing. In early 2000, Sui was one of the first artists to move his studio to the famous 798 art district and he is often credited with popularizing the area. Early in his career he used rocks as the material for abstract sculptures but the late 1990s, he shifted gears, adopting two motifs for which he’s now widely known: Dinosaurs and the Mao jacket.

Sui’s Dinosaurs series have become a trademark of his work. These dinosaurs focus more on China’s recent exporting nature, allowing Sui to evaluate the contemporary Chinese export culture. The “dinosaurs” made by Sui are magnified versions of the pink plastic toys sold readily through our Southeast Asia, though it is originates in Shenzhen in the south of China. Sui’s first encountered the toy in Japan and thought it appealed to his experience aboard. In order to emphasize his intention, the work is faithful to the original shape and texture; all an identical, enlarge version of the original toy. The so-called “Made” in the symbol “Made in China” relates directly to some topics on economical relations. Who is making? What is being made? Where is it being made? Where is it going to be sold? When international floating capital intrudes into China, the voice of anti-globalization becomes louder and louder. The transnational manufacturing of floating capital has changed the connotation of “country” and “region.” Toys, originally designed in the West, are produced from raw materials in China, and sold again to the overseas market, they perfectly represent the economic model of developing countries.

He has been praised by art critics for being a “pioneer venturing to the farthest reaches of Chinese sculpture.” Sui Jianguo’s art explores his unique understanding and recognition of creation, form, diverse media, alternative methods, and space-time. Sui Jianguo’s sculpture succeeds in bringing forth introspection on the artistic process in modern China. Whether it be the Realism in his early works or the classic shapes in his later Mao Jacket and Dinosaur pieces, both rely on the wisdom of native Chinese genealogy and channels of culture to serve as ways to solve problems, functioning as outlets. Sui Jianguo has been exhibited internationally and his works are in many notable institutional collections.

Born 1956 in Qingdao, Shandong province, China



B.A. Fine Arts Department, Shandong University of Arts


M.A. Sculpture Department, China Central Academy of Fine Arts

Solo Exhibitions:


Sui Jianguo’s Discus Thrower, The British Museum, London, UK
Sui Jianguo – Pace Beijing, 798, Beijing
Restrained Power: Sui Jianguo’s Work, MOCA,Singapore


The Hague Under Heaven – Sui Jianguo Sculpture, Museum Beelden aan Zee, Hague, Holland


Made in China by Sui Jianguo, Art Issue Projects, Beigao District, Beijing, China


Motion/Tension : New Work by Sui Jianguo, Today Art Museum, Beijing, China


Art Time Square – Exhibition of works by Sui Jianguo, Hong Kong, China
Revealing Traces, Joyart, Beijing, China


Dian Xue – Sui Jianguo Art Works, OCAT, Shanghai, China
Speeding up – Sui Jianguo Space Video, Arario, Beijing, China


Sui Jianguo: The Sleep of Reason, Asian Art Museum, San Francisco, USA


Clothes Veins Study, Passage Gallery, Beijing, China


You Meet the Shadow of Hundred Years, Victoria College of the Arts, Melbourne, Australia


Exhibition of Works by Sui Jianguo, Hanart Gallery, Hong Kong


Deposit and Fault, New Delhi Culture Center, India


Exhibition of Works by Sui Jianguo, Hanart Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
Remembrance of Space, CAFA Gallery, Beijing, China

Group Exhibitions:


The 7th Shenzhen Sculpture Biennale: Accidental Message, OCAT, Shenzhen, China
The Special Show for The First International Festival of Contemporary Sculpture 2012, Kiev, Ucrain


Leaving Realism Behind, Pace Beijing, Beijng, China
Start from the Horizon-Chinese Contemporary Sculpture Since 1978, Sishang Art Museum, Beijing, China
Ideology and Manifestation, Wenxuan Art Museum, Chengdu, China
The 4th Guangdong Trinnale, GMOA, China
Super-Orgnasm-CAFAM Biennale, Beijing, China
Collection Histry-China New Art, MOCA Chengdu, China
Martell Artists of the Year, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou


Made in Pop Land, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea
The city of forking paths, The sculpture project of the expo boulevard, World Expo Shanghai 2010, Shanghai
The constructed dimension – 2010 Chinese contemporary art invitational exhibition, National Art Museum of China
Sculpture – Sui Jianguo and his students, A4 gallery, Chengdu, China


The home court, White Box Museum of Art, 798, Beijng, China
Beijing — Havana The Revolution of Art, The National Museum of Fine Arts, Havana, Cuba
I Can Believe – Chinese Contemporary Artist’s (Invitation) Exhibition & Star Art Museum Opening Exhibition
Embrace Suzhou – Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Art, Suzhou Art Mseum, China
09 Art Changsha, Hunan Museum, Changsha, China
Conversation With Chinese Contemporary Sculpture, Milennium Park, Chicaco, USA
State Legacy – Research in the visualisation of political history Manchester, MMU, UK
Spectacle — to each his own, Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei