Artworks by Unmask

Semitransparent by Unmask

55 x 55 x 38 cm
Metal, Glass

Flash Memory no 9 by Unmask

240  120 x 170 cm
Stainless Steel

0 Degrees by Unmask

110 x 50 x 20 cm
Stainless Steel, Resin, Silica Gel & Fake Fur

Flash Memory no. 2 by Unmask

88 x 56 x 88 cm
Stainless Steel, Wooden Base

Flash Memory no. 8 by Unmask

140 x 80 x 100 cm
Stainless Steel


Unmask Group is an artistic trio composed of Beijing-based artists Liu Zhan, born in 1976, Kuang Jun, 1976, and Tan Tianwei, 1978. Three boys met while they were studying at the sculpture department of China Central Academy of Fine Arts and have been producing sculptural work together since 2001.
The Unmask art group is known for their seemingly incomplete figures in a state of dissolution out of stainless steel and marble. The almost-abstract figures leave just enough of the sculpture intact to make the solid figure clear. It’s the exclusion of certain parts that add a hint of intrigue. Most of their work revolves around self-image as a central theme, challenging one’s self-awareness with contemporary opinions. Using the language of sculpture, they create new ideas and philosophy of art, and present new vision and aesthetics.

Unmask is an art group consisting of three artists, who have different perspectives of art, but who feed off each other, debate and make concessions until a unique logic is accepted by all of them. It makes them different from other artists as they place greater emphasis on individuality and coexistence, which are the foundation of their cooperation. This also allows for greater flexibility when implementing an artistic process and enables all of them to exert their specific talents.

The human form, including both the body and its social status, is the key element of their artworks. Influenced by their research into classical Chinese and Western sculpture but at the same time striving for their vision of the “human”, Unmask group started to conceive every human as a mini universe. In their Transparency Series, in 2006, trio used their own body characteristics to create human forms like classical sculpture and then purposely deleted the redundant parts, including gender and ethnic identity, by removing the defects of the sculpture in a two-dimensional way. Finally they got some varied and fragile bodies with internal and external parts that corresponded to each other. Putting these bodies randomly in a certain space formed an environment which was unbalanced, delicate and highly unexpected. In their “0° Degree Series” humanoid creatures gather in a void space, forming an isolated and virtual ecosystem, surrounded by a shell that shapes the panorama but is also a way of creating self-protection. The self-containing space is isolated from, if not contradictory to the outside world, forming an independent and virtual environment.

Graduated from The Central Academy of Fine Arts


Dawn – New Art From China, Zhong Gallery, Germany
Unmask, H.T Gallery, Tang Contemporary, Bangkok, Shanghai Exhibition Center, Shanghai, China
Shopping-Unmask Solo Exhibition, Tang Contemporary Art Hong Kong, HK(solo)
Extract the 3rd Stall Keeper Show, C5 Art, Beijing
Beyond Art Space@Art Stage Singapore 2011, Suntec Singapore
Beyond Fashion, 1st crossover between young chinese fashion designers, Beyond Art Space, Beijing
Invisible Wings, Times Art Museum, Beijing
Shopping-Unmask Solo Exhibition, Tang Contemporary Art Hong Kong, HK
Negotiations – The Second Today’s Documents 2010, Today Art Museum, Beijing
Beyond Art Space@Art Taipei Art Fair 2010
Aura Gallery @Young Art Paipei 2010, Sunworld Dynasty Hotel
Commit- The 2nd Stall Keeper Show, C5 Art, Beijiing
Filter Window, Young Chinese Exhibition, Beyond Art Space, Beijing
Attitude, Linda Gallery, Singapore
12% Design, Micheal Ku Gallery, Beijing
Aura Gallery@Asia Top Gallery Hotel Art Fair, Grand Hyatt Hong Kong
Inaugural Exhibiton
Enliven- in between realities and fiction: Animamix Biennial
Shopping- Unmask 2010
Enliven – In Between Realities and Fiction – Animamix Biennial 2009-2010, Today Art Museum, Beijing
Flash Memory, H.T Gallery, Beijing
The 4th “Design for Sitting” Competition Winners & “40 Chairs from International Designers” Exhibition, Sanlitun Village, Beijing
60 70 80 – China Contemporary Art Exhibition, Tours Castle Museum of Art, France
Beyond Art Space@Sh Contemporary 09, Shanghai Exhibition Center, Shanghai
The Market Summer 2009 – In the Making, Beijing Center for the Arts, Beijing
Posture Language, New Age Gallery, Beijing
Rave Forum, Li-SPACE, Beijing
Originaire – Installation Exhibition, Deshan Art Space, Beijing
– Unmask 2009, Beyond Art Space(solo)
Super Toy
Beyond Globalization
Far West, Arnolfini Art Center, Bristol, UK, Turner Contemporary, Kent, UK2008 Waiting in the Wings, Beyond Art Space, Beijing2008 Art Basel, Switzerland2008 Facing Reality, National Art Museum of China,
Beijing2008 China design now, V&A Museum, London2008 A Vista of
Perspective, The Sixth Shenzhen Contemporary Sculpture Exhibition
CHINA, Facing Reality, Museum Moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig Wien
 Fragmentation, Chen Ling Hui Contemporary Space, Beijing
 UNMASK, Sun Contemporary, South Korea
 UNMASK, Chen Ling Hui Contemporary Space, Taipei
 CHINA, Facing Reality, Museum Moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig Wien
Fragmentation, Chen Ling Hui Contemporary Space, Beijing
UNMASK, Sun Contemporary, South Korea
UNMASK, Chen Ling Hui Contemporary Space, Taipei
EXIT Festival, NOM Maison des Arts de Créteil, French
 VIA Festival, Manège Maubeuge, French
International Exhibition-CHINA GATE, Arko Art Center of Arts
 Council Korea, Korea
 UNMASK’s 2002-2006, Dimensions Art Center, Beijing, China
 Japanimation BTAP Tokyo Art Projects, Beijing, China
Circle Both Ends, Shenzhen, China
Plato and Its Seven Spirits, Beijing/Shenzhen, China
 Making A New Relationship- The Art Ethics, Dimensions Art Center, Beijing, China
 The 2nd Triennial of Chinese Art, Nanjing, China
 Get It Louder, Shenzhen/Shanghai/Beijing, China
 Mc1: Montpellier Chinese Contemporary Art Biennale, Montpellier, France Shanghai is Cool, Duolun Museum Shanghai of China
Democracy Forever, Plum Blossoms Gallery, New York
 Shanghai Sail, Shanghai China, Advance Art Center, Shanghai, China
 Design by China, Made in France, Espace Ricard, Paris, France
Remaking 798:Reverberation, Beijing, China
Awarded First Prize, Graduating Students Exhibition of the Central
 Academy of Fine Arts China, Beijing, China
UNMASK’S 2002-2006