Artworks by Wang Chengdong

Wang Chengdong


Born in 1964 in Nanjing, China

1988 Graduated from the Suzhou University  Fine Arts Department (formerly Suzhou Silk Institute of Fine Arts).

Wang Chengdong’s works express various themes on religion, philosophy, history and cultural statuses.

In the ‘Jiangnan- Segment Series’, southern humanistic elements are visible in his works, a place where the artist grew up and lived.

In these visually astonishing creations, upon almost completing a picture the artist will use a palette knife and blade through the surface of the painting, forming a type of fragmented, sectioned appeal and blurring the original details. This act of crossing out, separating and collision of the lines and the superimposed subject matters fully showcase a sense of intricacy, producing a different sense of unpredictability and energy in his works.

When we look at Wang Chengdong’s works, they all appear to freeze in a state of uncertainty, coincident with the contemporary social thinking and questioning. Wang Chengdong’s unique artistic approach of the southern Jiangnan scenery is as if he is trying to thread the Jiangnan memory into lines. It sketches in our memory like “segments”, Intriguing and coated with a layer of supremacy.

Selected Exhibitions:

1993: “Chinese third language Painting Exhibition” Artists Gallery

2002: “for the body and the body” (solo) ninety-nine vegetarian Gallery

2004: “serious injury” (solo) Banpo Village three meters gallery

2008: The “dry sleepless night” art post-Su Museum of Contemporary Art

2009: “The French Pebeo – Mufu Arts District Spring Salon” Green and Museum of Contemporary Art

“For the sick students donate exhibition” Youth and the Museum of Contemporary Art

2010: “Kendo Art Heart – Nanjing Contemporary Art Exhibition” International Olympic Fencing Club

2012: “drunk unbounded of -2012 Contemporary Artists Nomination Exhibition” mountain Museum of Art

“Autumn Salon” Ancient Shore Art Center

2013: “ride out the other side – the ancient shore Art Museum Opening exhibition” Ancient Art Museum shore

“Fangshan Art – Contemporary Art Exhibition” Art Museum of Ancient Coast

2014: “blessing MH370” Jinling Art Museum

“Blending – College and Contemporary Art Exhibition” Fangshan District Art galleries

Suzhou Museum of Art

2015: “Boutique Collection Exhibition” Xinhua all media galleries

“Kingdoms -2015 Contemporary Art Exhibition” Bai Chuan art gallery

“Another side • southern • Slice – Jin Jing Wang Chengdong Contemporary Art Exhibition”

Inaction Museum of Art

“Second International Art Exhibition 2015” Nanjing International Exhibition Center

“The city searching for big traitor – Nanjing contemporary art exhibition open to the community.”

Nanjing Normal University Museum

Nanjing can park Arts Community

Nanjing Hexi Golden Eagle Arts Community

Nanjing Fangshan Art Camp

“Resident: 2015 Nanjing Contemporary Art (shelf) Exhibition ‘

Vision and Art Gallery

2016: “empty the mind clear” Fangshan Art Museum

“Dream and Reality” (solo) gentlemen of the Republic Hall

“New Enlightenment • Arts and Reading transboundary exhibition”

“Back to the first multi-dimensional • Contemporary Art Exhibition” Pioneer Center for Contemporary Art

“Art • 2016 Nanjing International Antiques Fair” Edinburgh Hotel

“Yunnan Art” Dianchi Lake in Kunming International Convention and Exhibition Center