Artworks by Wang Wangwang

Wang Wangwang



1996 First Chinese Graphic Design Competition Gold Award

1997 Award for the first China Design Exhibition Excellence Award

2000 China Design Competition Award of Excellence

2004 France Chaumont poster Ruxuan Jiang

2005 Canada World Chinese Media Award

2006 Creative Award China

Wang Wangwang graduated from Tsinghua University Academy of Fine Art. This humble artist with a graphic design background is shy, gentle & soft-spoken, at first glance looked very ordinary. Yet, he is one of the avant-garde arts figures in China today.

Wang Wangwang was born in 1962 in Shenyang into an ordinary military family. At the age of 8 his family moved to Lanzhou with his family. Graduated from high school in 1978, the same year he was admitted to the Art Institute of Gansu Province, engaging in sculpture making. This period of time, a period of loneliness, was too long, he recalled. He said at that time, he was also particularly fond of carving stone, according to the shape as well as its texture to design composition. Later, he began a long period of selfexamination, a full seven years. When he talked about those days, he said he can’t help but give up his poem recitation. He rode a bicycle back and forth every day dozens of kilometers away. Ye he was without fear and never lost. During that time, Wang Wangwang learned history, geography; read Van Gogh, toured Dunhuang; listened to the waves of the Yellow River, did Han culture research, brushed up on the vast Chinese civilization…. and had a realization where he wants to head to in terms of his artistic route. Wang Wangwang’s works are like acerbic satirical essays; similar to the wonderful sounds of music, singing like a romantic poet like the philosophers of wisdom in this era. His works, in fact, reflect in the hidden artistic impact of his experiences.