Artworks by Wu Hailong

Butterflies by Wu Hailong

80 x 80 cm
Oil on Canvas (round canvas)

Temple of Heaven by Wu Hailong

100 x 100 cm
Oil on Canvas

Chinese Landscape by Wu Hailong

80 x 80 cm
Oil on Canvas

Wu Hailong


Born in 1965 in Hebei
1992 graduate of Hebei Normal University
Check 2003 Beijing Songzhuang
2003 Beijing Youth Oil Painting

Blue & White porcelain is loved throughout the world as it represents the simpleness of our history, nature & the energy which life has to offer. Moral concepts such as being virtuous, honesty & gentleness; including traditional Chinese philosophical aspects, are intrinsically interwoven with the imagery of the blue & white print.

In ancient China, Blue & White porcelain inspired scholars, generals and historians, playing an important role in peopls’s lives from the Tang dynasty all the way through to the Qing dynasty. In the world of Wu Hailong’s canvases, the grace which was given to mankind by nature is reflected, transforming into a unique rhythm of strokes that are pure & crisp, transparent & tranquil, clearing the mind to stretch further afield.

Through Wu Hailong’s works, our hearts & souls are captured, taking them to another level of peacefulness in this bustling world.

Selected Exhibitions:
2004 Contemporary Art Exhibition Beijing hundred
2005 China Art Expo Beijing 2095 Beijing Differences and Construction
2006 Hong King Gallery 798 Exhibition
2006 Beijing Art Gallery Exposition
2006 Songzhuang Art Exhibition
2007 East Coast dock – First Contemporary Art Exhibition
2007 Play Art Space Beijing
2008 ‘ART’ Cang Songzhuang Contemporary Art Exhibition Beijing Eastern Art
2008 008 Art of Painting Exhibition Park
2008 Great America Exhibition Gallery Six 798
2009 Zhoushan Islands Oil Painting Exhibition
2010 “sporadic Art Festival” on the Beijing International Art Gallery
2012 “The future with the help of” Contemporary Art Exhibition Beijing Millennium Gallery 798
2013 “blue of the King” Oil Painting Exhibition Nanchang New Millennium Contemporary Art Exhibition
2014 93 anniversary of the founding Painting Invitation Exhibition Beijing Songzhuang Art Center East