Artworks by Yang Yongsheng

Nap by Yang Yongsheng

45 x 60 cm
Oil on Canvas

Mask by Yang Yongsheng

30 x 40 cm
Oil on Canvas

Nude by Yang Yongsheng

40 x 30 cm
Oil on Canvas

Still Life by Yang Yongsheng

40 x 30 cm
Oil on Canvas

Tribute to Masters by Yang Yongsheng

100 x 80 cm
Oil on Canvas

Tribute to Masters by Yang Yongsheng

72 x 108 cm
Oil on Canvas

Yang Yongsheng

1971  Born in Baoding of Hebei province, China
1998 Graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts / B.A. Oil Painting Major
2008 Graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts / M.D. Oil Painting Major
Present Lecturer of the Art and Design Institute of Beijing Industrial University
Solo Exhibitions
2011      Yang Yongsheng Solo Exhibition               Permanence Gallery              Beijing, China
2008 [Nature and Memory] C5Art Beijing, China
[Red]Gibsone Jessop GalleryToronto, Canada
2007 Yang Yongsheng Solo Exhibition Art Seasons Singapore
                                                        Art Seasons                      Jakarta, Indonesia
2006[Lost in Thought] Art SeasonsBeijing, China
  1. Yang Yongsheng Solo Exhibition  Century Hanmo Arts Gallery Beijing, China
2011     [Contemporary Chinese in the eyes of artists]      Guanshanyue Art Museum          Shenzhen, China
2011     [Lakefront festival of Arts]                       Milwaukee Art Museum             Milwaukee, America
2011     [What can souls feel]                            Dib gallery                       Newyork, America
2011     [Group Exhibition]                              Permanence Gallery               Beijing,China
2010     [Transfer thinking realism]                       New York Christie’s                New York,America
2009     [BCA-Collection]                                Beijing Center for the Arts         Beijing, China
[China Exhibition of Young Artists]                Guan Xiang Arts Center            Taiwan
2008 [Still Image]     Xin Beijing Art Gallery Beijing, China
[Development and amalgamation]                National Art Museum of China      Beijing, China
2007[Fusion & Creation]Beijing MuseumBeijing, China
2006[MOCART]Beijing & Shanghai, China Grand Exhibition of Today’s Chinese ArtNational Art Museum of ChinaBeijing, China
[423]C5ArtBeijing, China
2005 [The Self-Made Generation] Zendai Museum of Modern Art Shanghai, China [Young Generation]   Today Art Museum Beijing, China
The 2nd Chinese Landscape Painting Exhibition   National Art Museum of China Beijing, China
2004 Nominated Young Artists’ Exhibition  Today Art Museum Beijing, China
[Fascinating of Personality]Sanhe Art CenterBeijing, China
[The New View Point of China]      Shanghai, China
         [Beautiful World]        Shanghai, China
2003  [Power of Personality]   Shanghai, China The 3rd Exhibition of China Oil Painting Assoc.     Beijing, China