Artworks by Yin Zhaoyang

Yin Zhaoyang


1970 Born in Nanyang, Henan Province, China

1996 Graduated from the Printing Department, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing
now Professional Artist

Born in 1970 in Henan Province, Yin Zhaoyang is a painter associated with the generation that followed the performance- and installation-oriented works of such artists as Zhang Huan and Xu Bing. Studying at the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing, Yin developed an esthetic he calls a “collage of ideals”–a preference for powerful imagery based on such iconic presences as Mao, Tiananmen Square, and China’s flag. Yin Zhaoyang’s work, while squarely situated within the context of contemporary Chinese painting, directly references the western tradition of the 1960’s and 1970’s – calling to mind the work of Gerhard Richter and Andy Warhol among others. Unlike the genre of political pop, gaudy art, or kitsch, within which the image of Mao is so often positioned, Yin Zhaoyang presents these powerful images within an atmosphere of memory and ambiguous reflection. Working from photographs of the living Mao, both official and unofficial, as well as from images of monuments erected in his honor, Yin Zhaoyang explores the distanced relevance of Mao Zedong to a society that has largely repudiated the policies of the Great Leap forward and the Cultural Revolution.

Among the “post-70s” artists, Yin Zhaoyang pioneered the artistic exploration on the subject of youthful sadness and began for the first time to project the self-imagery and emotional features of this generation onto the canvas. By situating grand narratives in humanistic concerns and reflection, his paintings offer a sentimental epitome of the plight suffered by youth of a particular era. In the 1990s, “Youth Cruelty” paintings by artists represented by Yin Zhaoyang, among others, have added to this category an experimental dimension and enhanced its depth of thinking in terms of narrativity, concept of image and aesthetic taste, constituting a major tendency in avant-garde painting of a decade.
Solo Exhibitions:

Pilgrim Yin Zhaoyang Solo Exhibition aura gallery hongkong
Island of Four Seasons’, Tang Contemporary Art., Silom Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand

Facade, Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai, China

Yin Zhaoyang Solo Exhibition 1997-2007 Today Art Museum Beijing China

Taipei Journal Asia Art Center Tai Wan
Yin Zhaoyang’s New Works Tang Contemporary Art Beijing
Time Lapse TaiKang Top Space Beijing
YinZhaoyang Recent Works Aura Gallery hongkong
Passing By•Mao zedong DF2 Gallery Los Angeles
The Twilight of a Man ARCO Madrid Spain

Passing By•Mao zedong China Blue Gallery Beijing
Passing By•Mao zedong Tang Gallery Bangkok Thailand
Mythology Today Art Museum Beijing
Mythology Aura Gallery Shanghai
Youth•Utopia Tang Gallery Bangkok Thailand
Public Space Max Protetch Gallery New York

Utopia Museum of Central Academy of Fine Art Beijing
Utopia Vs Young story DuoLun Museum of Modern Art Shanghai

Mythology Aura Gallery Shanghai
Mythology Beijing Art Museum Beijing

Selected Group Exhibitions:

love and punishment aura gallery beijing
Months aura gallery beijing
Summer group exhibiton aura gallery beijing

Clue—Abstract Works Exhibition Aura Gallery Beijing
Moving Aura Gallery Beijing
Opening-summer group show aura gallery beijing
Art Beijing 2008 National Agricultural Exhibition Center Beijing
Happy Together aura gallery beijing
kung hei fat choy aura gallery shanghai
ArtHK2008 Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
Crouching Paper Hidden Dragon,F2Gallery Beijing
China XXI Century: Art Between Identity and Transformation Palaexpo Delle Esposizioni

Section – Chinese Image of Contemporary Art 3G Museum Chongqing
Exhibition of Frontier Contemporary Chinese Art Asia Art Center Beijing
Black White Grey – A Conscious Cultural Stance Today Art Museum Beijing
Escape By Scheme salvation From Traditional And Revolution Language Square Gallery Of Contemporary Art Nanjing
New Terrestrial reference-Opening of Art Museum 800 Art Museum 800 Shanghai
Seven Plateaus–Contemporary Art Ming Art Gallery Beijing
Korean-Chinese Modern Art Exhibition Korea
Chinese Contemporary SOCART The State Tretyakov Gallery Moscow

The Blossoming of Realism-The Oil Painting of Mainland China since 1978 Taipei Fine Arts Museum Taiwan
Future and Fantasy-An Exhibition of Contemporary Art The Metropolitan of Manila Philippines
Beyond experience new china Arario BEIJING&

70’s Art Liu Haisu Art Museum Shanghai
70′s Art Today Art Museum, Beijing
The Second Triennial of Chinese Art Nanjing Museum
Mahjong-Sigg Collection Exhibition Switzerland

Image about Images Shenzhen Art Museum Shenzhen

The Youth Cruelty Painting Ddm Art Warehouse Shanghai
The Youth Cruelty Painting Yanhuang Art Museum Beijing

First Chengdu Biennale Chengdu Modern Art Museum Chengdu

Sharp New Sights Beijing International Art Museum Beijing