Artworks by Yu Hang

Yu Hang


Female artist Yu Hang concentrates on photography featuring the female body in traditional settings. Her earlier works ‘Beauty with Sword’ took inspiration from Chinese heroines such as Mu GuiYingand Yu Ji. In the new works, these solemn and dignified figures give way to mundane girls in Ming and Qing Dynasties’ fiction; classicism is replaced by secularity. While indulging themselves naked in a private, liberating moment in front of mirror, the girls also willingly present themselves to a male’s gaze from behind the mirror.

Today’s fashion and cosmetology indicate a mentality of treating body as an object, as an effective tool pursuing social status. Yu Hang’s message is very much relevant today, her works not only captures fantasized imagination from traditional literature, but also illusions of cosplay game in a modern girls’ dormitory. By these works, artist Yu Hang explores how female perceive their bodies in a male-dominated social mentality. She also tries to construct a cultural and mental map, examining the fact that our traditional culture imprints our obsession and fantasy on the female body.

1981 Born in China
2001 Graduated from the Sheng Yang LuYi Art School, China
2006 Graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, China
2009 Received her Masters of Fine Art at the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, China

Solo Exhibitions

2008 China Avant Garde, Los Angeles
2008 “Chalk, Ink” Beijing Tangsheng Art Salon
2007 “The Female Dormitory at The New Kaifeng Bridge”, Longyibang Gallery, Beijing

Group Exhibitions

2009 Passing by China, Eli Klein Fine Art, New York
2007 Aqua Art Fair, Miami
2006 “The Poet of Gentleness”, Longyibang Gallery, Beijing
2006 “Naughty”, Beijing Contemporary Gallery Group Show of  7, Beijing
2004 “Tulanduo”, Collaboration with Chen Yifei for Jingrongdasha Environmental Art Corp. LTD, Beijing
2003 “Experiencing Ancient Art”, China Geography—Natural Sciences Magazine Gubeikou Great Wall Modern Rock Painting


2005 “3rd Best Work”, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Bejing
2004 “New Creation Award” ,Central Academy of Fine Arts, Bejing