Artworks by Y/X (Chua Koon Beng)

Mess by Y/X (Chua Koon Beng)

195 x 195 cm
Mixed Media on Canvas

My Deepest Apologies by Y/X (Chua Koon Beng)

195 x 195 cm
Industrial Paint on Canvas

Y/X (Chua Koon Beng)


Y/X (Chua Koon Beng) holds an Honours degree in Psychology and a Bachelors degree in Philosophy from the National University of Singapore. Y/X is a self-taught artist.

Experimentation and materiality is key to his process and approach to making art. Y/X is primarily interested in exploring subject matters that encompass human consciousness, human conditions, dualism, and the fabric of our physical reality and spirituality. He has found his ideal language for the investigation into these subject matters through art making and exploration.

In 2014, he was invited by the DFS group to create the “T in Art” wax paint and light sculpture for the launch of T Galleria of DFS in Singapore to much excitement.

Y/X further put up his most major public exhibition entitled “光宗耀祖” (Light and Brilliance) in August 2015 to pay tribute to the founding father of Singapore, the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew, where close to 3,000 visitors attended over a 10 day period. He transformed the Raffles City Singapore Atrium space within a shopping mall into an outdoor area with astro turf laid over 3,500sf of exhibition space and hundreds of trees brought in to create a garden within a mall to befit the exhibits.

Y/X has continued to develop his art making process, methods and philosophy while pushing boundaries in his single subject experiment he sets for himself.