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Above the Clouds by Ren Zhe

Remarkable People by TAMEN

Head in Art by DAVID David

Bad Boy by Xu Zhe

Leather-Bind Book by Zheng Xuanbiao

Love of God by Damien Hirst

Purple Cow by P. Gnana

Dollar Basquiat by AARON

Bull and Fighter No. 9 by Shen Hongbiao

Leda Low Table by Salvador Dali

Ode to Motherland No. 10 by Cai Zhisong

Dark Fragrance by Yan Zhixiong

Red Book by Wang Tianhao

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  • Contemporary Ceramics Collection: 二简字

    The inspiration behind the creation of ‘Two Simplified Chinese Characters 二简字’ series is to showcase the destiny of a generation. The incomplete books burnt by the years is the fate of paper, projecting the image of a certain strong intervention in words yet easily casted aside. These creations are highly realistic & its vintage appeal very […]

  • Welcome to Linlin’s Space Odyssey: Andre Nadal Solo Exhibition 2018

    《Welcome to Linlin’s Space Odyssey: Andre Nadal’s Solo Exhibition 2018 at YANG GALLERY • Singapore》 Renowned contemporary artist Andre Nadal’s architectural background influences & distinguishes his abstract explorations in paint, which he readily incorporates within the body of his highly evolved & stunning works. With Andre, his oil paintings are actually three-dimensional objects themselves. He […]

  • Shi Haozhong: Just Color

    ‘Very few artists are able to flawlessly combine the two vastly different styles of abstractism & realism together; one in terms of spirit, the other in execution.’ -Huang Du, renowned art critic At first glance, these works by prominent upcoming art star Shi Haozhong appear to be thick paint wiped onto canvases’ surfaces… As you […]

  • Welcome to Linlin’s Space Odyssey Contemporary Fine Art Exhibition: Andre Nadal & Lin Xin

    Renowned French painter Andre Nadal creates incredibly precise monochromatic works composed of floating geometric shapes & breathtaking perspectives. Established Chinese surrealist painter Lin Xin’s work intends to to serve as a bridge connecting this virtual digital era & our modern society’s progression. Welcome to Linlin’s Space Odyssey: 28th June – 28th July 2018 at YANG […]