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Ode To Motherland No.7 by Cai Zhisong

Cajones Lamp by Salvador Dali

Surfing by Tamen

Fighting by Yue Minjun

Mongolian Horse by Shen Hongbiao

Brad Pitt by Timothy White

The Past: Lunch by Pan Dehai

BC Series by Andre Nadal

Chinese Portrait by Feng Zhengjie

Emperor Kangxi by Zhao Limin

Heaping Clouds & Snow by Li Xiangqun

Soldier by Shen Jingdong

Movie Series - Love & Hatred by He Wenjue

Beautiful Life by He Wenjue

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  • Shi Haozhong: Just Color

    ‘Very few artists are able to flawlessly combine the two vastly different styles of abstractism & realism together; one in terms of spirit, the other in execution.’ -Huang Du, renowned art critic At first glance, these works by prominent upcoming art star Shi Haozhong appear to be thick paint wiped onto canvases’ surfaces… As you […]

  • Welcome to Linlin’s Space Odyssey Contemporary Fine Art Exhibition: Andre Nadal & Lin Xin

    Renowned French painter Andre Nadal creates incredibly precise monochromatic works composed of floating geometric shapes & breathtaking perspectives. Established Chinese surrealist painter Lin Xin’s work intends to to serve as a bridge connecting this virtual digital era & our modern society’s progression. Welcome to Linlin’s Space Odyssey: 28th June – 28th July 2018 at YANG […]

  • Welcome to YANG GALLERY

    Welcome to YANG GALLERY, one of the most prestigious contemporary fine art galleries where art meets fashion, luxury, investment and beyond.   YANG Gallery presents: Oil paintings, Sculptures, Ceramics, Watercolors, Photographs, Prints, Installations, Designer Furniture and Artistic Architectures etc. YANG Gallery’s clients: Contemporary Art Museums, Private Art Foundations, Major Organizations, Luxury Groups, Banks to Private […]

  • Cai Zhisong: Floating Clouds

    ‘Clouds’ is an incredible series of work. Through ‘Clouds’, renowned sculptor Cai Zhisong expresses that the meaning of life is not only about the process, but also the result. ‘Many people enjoy the process but ignore the outcome. But if we ignore it, we will be fearful when it comes to facing it. If we […]