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  • Raffles, Pineapples & the Swamp: Ripple Root Solo Exhibition at Yang Gallery • Singapore

     Dear friends, You are cordially invited to ‘Raffles, Pineapples & the Swamp’ live art performance opening cocktail. Time: 8th August 2019, 6:30 – 9:30 pm Venue: Yang Gallery • Singapore, 581 Orchard Road, The Shopping Gallery Hilton #01-11, Singapore 238883 RSVP: shion@yanggallery.com.sg  / +6567218888 We look forward to your presence to celebrate this bicentennial 200th […]

  • Yang Gallery Artist | Cai Zhisong 蔡志松: Audi Ambassador in China

    Yang Gallery Artist | Cai Zhisong 蔡志松 Audi Ambassador in China

  • Yang Gallery & LPS | Art & Property Crossover 2019

    艺术引领时尚! Yang Gallery & LPS 高端房产携手中国五粮液 璀璨鸡尾酒会🍸🥂🍻🍹 YANG GALLERY team very much appreciates a great crossover successful ‘Gala Cocktail’ event 2019 at Beijing Legendale Hotel. We look forward to the continual collaboration 2020 soon! Any crossover collaboration interest, please contact us anytime at 67218888 / shion@yanggallery.com.sg  

  • Renowned Sculptor Li Xiangqun Awarded the Prestige ‘Florence International Muse’ Art Prize

    Congratulations to established contemporary sculptor Li Xiangqun on winning the prestige ‘Florence International Muse’ art prize this year. 2019年6月1日,第54届“佛罗伦萨国际缪斯奖”颁奖仪式于佛罗伦萨市政厅举行。作为与“佛罗伦萨国际缪斯奖”结缘的首位中国雕塑家,李象群教授荣获该奖项中的“Erato艺术奖”,并被授予缪斯学院终身院士。 缪斯是希腊神话中主司艺术与科学的九位古老文艺女神的总称,“Muse”一词包含着希腊神话对于人类成长智慧和思想多样化的生动表达。与古希腊的雅典一样,佛罗伦萨也曾在文化艺术领域屹立于世界之巅,以“缪斯”(Muse)命名此奖项,也就将这两座文化艺术之城紧密地联系在了一起。