Our Team

Whether you are a veteran collector or an aspiring investor, we work closely with you through every stage of your art acquisition.

  • Susanna Yang

    Founder & Managing Director

    Susanna has had over 20 years of experience in the Contemporary Fine Art industry, and she is an expert in guiding her collectors globally through this exciting & growing investment art market.

    She is truly passionate about interdisciplinary collaborations and cherishes the opportunity to assist adventurers along their art collecting journey. Susanna takes pride in continually expanding and establishing a thriving excellent artistic platform to promote Contemporary Fine Art worldwide!

  • Anita He

     Manager & Senior Art Consultant

    Anita is very professional, stable, and sincere about her duties.

    She is one of the experts in events coordination and has great experience in crossover collaboration projects at Yang Gallery.

    She is a very determined and reliable member of the Yang Gallery professional team, where she guides and manages the overall provision of our team services, policies, and programs for the gallery.

  • Yang Tao

    Project Manager & Senior Art Consultant

    Yang Tao is a logistics, inventory and operational director with a detailed understanding of working in fast-paced environments that demand strong organizational, interpersonal and technical skills.

    Yang Tao coordinates and oversees an array of activities acclimatised to the world of Contemporary Fine Art to deliver the right pieces, to the right place, and at the right time to our clients worldwide.

  • Yan Zhixiong

    Creative Director

    Yan Zhixiong is one of the most distinctive photography masters and he is a member of the British Royal Photographic Society and the China Photographers Association. He was born in Hunan Province in 1979 and now works in Beijing. At present, he is engaged in movie production, portrait photography as well as commercial advertisement and celebrity photography projects etc.

    Yan Zhixiong is responsible for YANG GALLERY’S exhibition planning & creative direction to grow business and his talent strive him to push for the best creative ideas continuously. Together with the team Yan Zhixiong looks forward to taking the gallery to new heights.
  • Angelina Liu

    Senior Art Consultant

    Angelina has global experience as a flight attendant at the China Civil Aviation Management University. She is a passionate, positive and confident individual who always presents professional art consultancy to assist our clients’ collecting interests.

    She warmly welcomes art lovers into this most exciting Contemporary Fine Art growing investment market.

  • Guang Dong

    Project Manager & Exhibition Organiser

    Guang Dong graduated from An Hui Technical University, specializing in engineering. He is honest, responsible and hard working, and he thrives being involved in the art world.

  • Jeec Wu

    Graphic Designer

    Born in 1986 and graduated from the Design Department of Jianghan University. He is one of the top graphic designers in the Art & IT industries with over ten years of great design experience.

    He has achieved alot of commercial success and he passionately manages YANG GALLERY’S posters, catalogues and prints for every exhibition and crossover events to the best effect.

  • Lauren Jiang

    Gallery Assistant

    Lauren was born in Singapore and study in University of California.


    Gallery Assistant

  • Myra

    Accounts Supervisor

    Myra is a senior accountant at our firm. She holds a Degree in Accounting. She has eight years of accounting experience and five years in public practice. She is a very talented professional, whose responsibility includes training, supervising, and quality control on each engagement.