Artworks by Jiang Long

The World by Jiang Long

120 x 35 x 27cm

Thinker by Jiang Long

100 x 40 x 30cm

Newborn by Jiang Long

105 x 30 x 20cm

Swimming no.1 by Jiang Long

155 x 30 x 30cm
Camphor Wood

The Body – Walking Man by Jiang Long

180 x 65 x 50cm
Wood (Handmade)

The Body – Thinking by Jiang Long

226 x 106 x 56cm
Wood & Wood Box

The Body – Dream by Jiang Long

140 x 90 x 70cm
Handmade Wood & Stainless Steel

The Body – Standing Man by Jiang Long

187 x 65 x 47cm
Wood (Handmade)

The Body – Jacket by Jiang Long

120 x 50 x 25cm
Wood (Handmade)

The Body – Power by Jiang Long

120 x 44 x 37cm
Wood (Handmade)

Never Give Up by Jiang Long

140 x 30 x 30cm
Wood (Handmade)

Brave Heart by Jiang Long

190 x 37 x 32cm
Wood & Organic Glass (Handmade)

My Home by Jiang Long

191 x 55 x 45cm
Wood & Wood Door & Metal (Handmade)

Best Friend by Jiang Long

88 x 38 x 28cm
Wood (Handmade)

Grow Up by Jiang Long

140 x 55 x 40cm
Wood (Handmade)

The Fence by Jiang Long

180 x 50 x 45cm
Wood (Handmade)

Quiet Time by Jiang Long

50 x 45 x 30cm
Wood (Handmade)

Serious Man by Jiang Long

30 x 32 x 34cm
Wood  (Handmade)

Swimming Man by Jiang Long

225 x 50 x 85cm
Wood & Bronze Plate & LED Light (Handmade)

The City by Jiang Long

215 x 65 x 65cm
Wood & Iron (Handmade)

Eternal Power by Jiang Long

125 x 45 x 40cm
Wood (Handmade)

Spring Festival is Coming by Jiang Long

115 x 38 x 30cm
Wood (Handmade)

Jiang Long


Jiang Long was born in 1983 in Jianli, Hubei Province.
Graduated from the Sculpture Department of Beijing Institute Of Fashion Technology in 2006.
Member of Chinese sculptor Association.
Member of Beijing Chaoyang Artists Association.
We all have our own skins,with a soul inside or empty. The only difference is whether it has a heart inside, or it is a skin forgetting its heart.  But we have to admit that any skin do wrap a heart, no matter what kind it is. The skin may not believe in its own heart, or may forget it, but a living, awake heart can never refuse the skin. The difference is that this heart is indifferent to protect itself,  or to open the skin to touch and feel this world.