Artworks by Song Wei

My Father and I by Song Wei

220 x 145cm
oil on canvas

Hamburger by Song Wei

80 x 80 x 80cm

Old Good Time by Song Wei

120 x 120cm
oil on canvas

Mini Cooper by Song Wei

210 x 160cm
oil on canvas

I want to see the new world by Song Wei

200 x 115cm
oil on canvas

Hamburger (small) by Song Wei

23 x 23 x 23cm each

Wonderful Land by Song Wei

180 x 140cm
oil on canvas

Harley Davison by Song Wei

300 x 190cm
oil on canvas

Peaceful Time by Song Wei

100 x 100cm
oil on canvas

Oh! Dear! by Song Wei

102 x 75 x 40cm

Song Wei


Song Wei was born in Sichuan Province, China. 2007 Master of Arts, Oil Painting Department, Sichuan Institute of Fine Arts

A Sichuan Fine Arts Institute alumni, Song Wei has taught at this China’s oldest art academy with the highest of standards since he graduated in 2005. He is greatly influenced by zeitgeist – the defining spirit of a particular period of history as shown by the ideas and beliefs of that time. He is classically trained by traditional teachers and yet, managed to liberate himself and embrace new techniques and attitudes. This is much due to the contemporary changes in the Far East. Song Wei seeks to draw what his heart feels for the different matters defining his ever-changing world. You will immediately recognize his highly distinctive styles and heritage motifs. The blue-and- white motifs found on Ming Dynasty porcelain vases remain his unique signature. Red walls with peeling paint and tattered surfaces, colorful magnolia flowers blossoming in springtime, playful themes of modern-day toys and amusement, as well as the much- loved motif-covered porcelain bear. Song Wei’s bears are often depicted in everyday situations: eating a lollipop, playing with toys, and even sitting on a toilet bowl. While his works appear joyous, carefree and fun loving, there are undoubtedly deeper meanings behind them. His paintings not only remember his childhood memories and adult experiences, but also reflect the impact of Western merchandise, the changes in Chinese values and mentality, traditions and modernization, honesty and controversy, capitalism and consumerism, as well as the welding of Eastern and Western cultures in our metropolitan societies.

Most recently, one of his most iconic works has been specially courted by an international bank. Across the globe, his Porcelain Hamburger will be seen in the bank’s publicity advertisements on print. The image was specifically selected for its representation of a perfect marriage between East and West, the hybrid aesthetics of both cultures.