Artworks by Tang Zhigang

Children in Meeting by Tang Zhigang

49 x 61 cm
Digital Print on Canvas

Politics Cake by Tang Zhigang

170 x 204 cm
Oil on Canvas

Tang Zhigang


1959: Born in Kunming, Yunnan, China
1989: Graduated from Fine Art lnstitute of The People’s Liberation Army, Beijing, China
Having grown up in a military family and served in the Vietnam War, Tang Zhigang has had a longstanding relationship with the military. Tang Zhigang rose up the ranks to be in charge of propaganda art at the Political Department in the Chinese army for nearly a decade. He was responsible for preparing the setting for gatherings, writing slogans, producing photography as well as the art education of the children in the army. His experiences are obvious contexts of his works, the most readily recognized of which is his series Children in Meeting. The series involves children sitting around meeting tables and conducting business, finance, or governance in an official manner, thereby politically charging his work as well as delving into the exploration of human nature.
One day, a child who raised his hand to answer question inspired Tang to start “Children in Meeting” which is actually a recall of his childhood memory when he used to attend meeting at the commune every night as a cultural activity.
With a witty and humorous language, he has created the advanced ideas of a new generation of traditional military paintings and captured the absurdity of the bureaucracy of institutional life in the most charming manner. The artist believes that art history is being made outside of economic and cultural development, thus he continues to create for the sake of creating.

Selected Exhibitions:

Fabriqué en Chine -Chinese Artists Group Exhibition, Beyond Art Space, Beijing, China


Cross-section 2008 Chinese Contemporary Art, Oriental Vista gallery, Hong Kong

New interface IV Here Comes Spring, H&H Space, Shanghai, China

Case Studies of Artists in Art History and Art Criticism I, SZ Art Center, Beijing China

Today’s Contemporary Art from China, BELvue Museum, Brussels, Belgium

ShContemporary 2008, Shanghai, Chin

BEIJING-ATHENS Contemporary Art from China, TECHNOPOLIS of the City of Athens Athens, Greece

Never Grow Up-Tang Zhigang 1977-2007, Gallery Hyundai, Seoul, Korea


Never Grow Up – Tang Zhigang’s solo exhibition, doArt Gallery, Beijing, China

New Interface 3 – Searching the future, Red Bridge Gallery, Shanghai, China


Chinese Fairytale 2006, Red Bridge Gallery, Shanghai, China (solo)


“Chinese Fairytale”, Tang Zhigang’s solo, Exhibition 2005, Kunming, China


“The Life Soldiers”, Yunnnan Art Academy, Kunming, China


“Collection of Lasalle-sia College of the Arts”, Singapore


“Half the Soldier’s Life”, Hanart T Z Gallery, Hong Kong

“China – Pop”, Sydney


“VASL International Artists Workshop”, Karachi


Children in Meeting, Hanart TZ Gallery Hong Kong

“Tales of Two Cities”, Asia Contemporary Art, London


Three Artists from Kunming, Hanart TZ Gallery Hong Kong

Open – All Directions, Kunming, China

Moment – Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition, University of Chicago Art Centre Chicago, IL

“China 46”, Shanghai;Melbourne


Urban Personality, Kunming, China


Life Style, Science Centre, Yunnan University China


Current State, Cultural Exchange Centre University of Columbia


The 8th National Art Exhibiton, Beijing, China

The Life of Soldier, Yunnan Arts Academy Yunnan, China


The 2nd China Oil Exhibition, Beijing, China


The 7th National Art Exhibition, Nanjing, China


National Art Exhibition celebrating the 60th anniversary of the People’s Liberation Army, Beijing, China