Artworks by Wang Jianuo

Portrait by Wang Jianuo

100 x 100 cm
Oil on Canvas

Lobster by Wang Jianuo

200 x 200 cm
Oil on Canvas

In Memory Of by Wang Jianuo

145 x 100 cm
Oil on Canvas

The Simpsons by Wang Jianuo

300 x 200 cm
Oil on Canvas

She by Wang Jianuo

200 x 300 cm
Oil on Canvas

Coronation by Wang Jianuo

150 x 150 cm
Oil on Canvas

Wang Jianuo


Chinese-British contemporary artist Wang Jianuo was born in Changchun, Jilin in 1989 and graduated from the University of the Arts Wimbledon College in 2013. He Subsequently obtained a Masters degree from the University of Chelsea in 2014. In his works, the cartoon characters are mostly from the 80s to 90s. Children sat everyday in front of the TV to watch these characters, which represent a passage of time, a faint memory that our childhood never left.

Mass culture and consumerism are familiar territories to him. He stands out through his fantastic landscapes in vibrant colors, a dreamlike and poetic universe. When Wang depicts his world with passion, the common aspects are often “joyful, colorful, pop, modern and emotional.” This is where the real beauty lies: inspire a great deal of optimism into life and please others. As “a painting comes alive when you look at it” said Pablo Picasso.

Wang Jianuo’s works have not only been collected various private collectors and large corporations internationally, but also by established fellow artists such as: Yue Minjun, Chen Danqing, Xiang Jing, Peng Wei and many other renowned contemporary art critics who named him as one of the most prominent young artists in recent years.