Artworks by Wang Xiaobo

Beautiful Life by Wang Xiaobo

360 x 150cm
Oil on canvas

Play the Flute by Wang Xiaobo

200 x 150cm
Oil on Canvas

Fragrant by Wang Xiaobo

180 x 133 cm
Oil on Canvas

Wang Xiaobo

Wang Xiaobo, born in 1974, Beijing, China Graduated in 2000 from the Central Academy of Fine Arts

Wang Xiaobo has held several significant large-scale exhibitions internationally, causing recognizable artistic influence at home and abroad.

In Wang Xiaobo’s works, our memories are a quiet reflection of daily life’s dramas. To him, his artistic intention was never to express a strong personal opinion or desire, but more of creating awareness and mutual understanding among people when they view his works.In the oil paintings of Wang Xiaobo, the human form confronts the viewer. While his early paintings of robust nudes in awkward poses call to mind Lucien Freud, it is interpersonal relationships that have taken center stage in his more recent works. As a series, the works explore the continuity of relationships throughout time, while serving as a vehicle to explore the artist’s own inner world. “In the process of searching vulnerability and sensitivity within me, I created each piece with my perception of life,” Wang has said.

Wang Xiaobo’s strokes are precise in his works. You can sense his strict emotional control by his clear expressive line works and composition flow. The common people featured as his painting subjects such as friends, models, familiar personnel with hidden faces… etc who surround him in his every day life are reflected in a gentle and pure manner. From the bright sunlight that shines upon their bodies to the contrast in terms of color tones, the resulting outcome showcases Wang Xiaobo’s subjects slowly remove their heavy external shells and revealing a deeper level of their exquisite inner self. Regardless of their physical appearance, they could be thin, & frail or plump & rotund; they seemed to be caught in a beautiful moment of intimate stagnancy.