Artworks by Li Chen

The Genuine State by Li Chen

76 x 70 x 29cm

Offering by Li Chen

73 x 39 x 39cm

Cloud by Li Chen

49 x 35 x 21cm

Cloud by Li Chen

80 x 73 x 36 cm

Float to Sukhavati by Li Chen

177 x 96 x 129  cm

Riding the Wind by Li Chen

55 x 44 x 76 cm

Entering the World by Li Chen

Sculpture Bronze
56 x 53 x 122 cm

Li Chen


Born in 1963 in Yunlin, Taiwan.

Li Chen seeks to convey the spirit and meaning of Eastern culture through sculpture. His works, which appear both classical and modern, are infused with personal sentiment and modern spirit. They give viewers a sense of life harmony and encourage people to reflect on a great many things.

Based on total global auction house sales figures Li Chen is the sixth best selling artist in the world. In the broader rankings of contemporary artists he ranked 53rd and in the sculpture section for 2009-2010, Li was one of just two Chinese artists listed in the top 15 world sculptors along with Anish Kapoor, Jeff Koons, Subodh Gupta, Antony Gormley and Matthew Day Jackson.

Solo Exhibition

2013 Li Chen 2013 Place Vendôme Premiere Sculpture Exhibition in Paris2013 Li Chen 2013 Place Vendôme Premiere Sculpture Exhibition in Paris
2012 Li Chen: Eternity and Commoner, Frye Art Museum, Seattle
2011 Greatness of Spirit: Li Chen Premiere Sculpture Exhibition in Taiwan, Taipei
2010 The Beacon– When Night Light Glimmers, ShContemporary 10, Shanghai
2009 Li Chen: Mind‧Body‧Spirit, Singapore Art Museum, Singapore
2008 Soul Guardians- Li Chen Solo Show, Asia Art Center, Beijing
2008 In Search of Spiritual Space, National Museum of China, Beijing
2007 Energy of Emptiness, 52nd International Art Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia, Venice
2005 Li Chen Sculpture, Art Taipei 2005, Taipei
2003 Spiritual Journey through the Great Ether, Michael Goedhuis Gallery, New York
2001 Delights of Ordinary People, River Art Gallery, Taichung
2000 The Transformation of Emptiness – Boundary within Boundary, Art Taipei 2000, Taipei
1999 Energy of Emptiness, Art Taipei, Taipei

Selected International Group Exhibition

2013 Culture. Mind. Becoming, 55th International Art Exhibition La Biennale di Venezia, Italy
2011 Splendid Ethics, Interalia Art Company, Seoul
2010 Spirit of the East II – Bridging, Asia Art Center, Beijing
2009 The 4th International Cultural & Creative Industry Expo, Beijing
2008 Spirit of the East I- Accumulations, Asia Art Center, Beijing
2007 China Onward: Chinese Contemporary Art 1966-2006, The Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Copenhagen
2006 ARTSingapore, Singapore
2005 Shanghai International Biennial Urban Sculpture Exhibition, Shanghai
2004 OPENASIA, 7th International Exhibition of Sculptures and Installations, Venice
2003 Art Chicago, Chicago
2002 Art Palm Beach, Florida
2001 China without Borders, headquarters of Sotheby’s, New York