Beijing 798 Art District: The World’s Arts & Culture Center

Beijing 798 Art District is one of the top Arts & Culture centers globally today. It is famous for its world famous international galleries, unique art exhibitions and special creation workshops. Now the 798 Art Zone has become one of the new landmarks in China.

In 2003, the 798 Art Zone was awarded as “one of the top 22 most famous landmarks throughout the world” by American Time Magazine.

Walking in the 798 Art Zone located in the northeast region of Beijing, visitors can feel the contrast of the present with the past. On one side are the mottled redbrick walls with slogans of different ages; on another side are the scattered orderly industrial plants and crisscross pipelines. Uniformed workers and fashion visitors on the street form unique scenery. History and reality, industry and the arts perfectly merge together there. This is the 798 Art Zone.