• Contemporary Art Prices Continue to Soar

    24 Aug 2019

    Artprice’s price index calculation, based on the ‘repeat sales method’, shows a 5% increase in art prices. Against the backdrop of a banking sector operating in a negative or near-zero interest rate environment, art has become an excellent investment and this will no doubt add momentum to the expansion of the Art Market. “We are […]

  • Ripple Root: Singaporean Street Artist ‘Raffles, Pineapples & the Swamp’ Solo Exhibition

    15 Aug 2019

    Dear friends, the Yang Gallery • Singapore team sincerely thank you for your wonderful presence to make renowned contemporary Singaporean street art duo Ripple Root’s ‘Raffles, Pineapples & the Swamp’ solo exhibition opening cocktail a great success. In conjunction with National Day this month,  we truly appreciate your lovely support in celebrating with us the […]

  • Raffles, Pineapples & the Swamp: An Interview with RIPPLE ROOT

    12 Aug 2019

    Ripple Root’s newest exhibit titled Raffles, Pineapples & The Swamp that will feature art pieces inspired by the Singapore Bicentennial and Batik patterns of Club 21 Issey Miyake and Dries Van Noten AW19 collections. Catch their paintings at Yang Gallery, Hilton Orchard from 8 August 2019. “I’m Ripple & he’s Root” Estella paints us a […]

  • How to Invest in Fine Art

    03 Aug 2019

    A diversified portfolio is essential for building long-term wealth.. Diversification allows you to balance risk so that if one segment of your portfolio lags, the financial hit is minimized as much as possible. Stocks, bonds and mutual funds can offer variety, but it’s important to look beyond these asset classes to potentially lucrative alternatives. Investing […]

  • Top Art Collectors in Asia

    27 Jul 2019

    Asia boasts some of the most prolific collectors of art in the world, many of them with a philanthropic bent, endowing public and private institutions to help make art available to all. These cultural ambassadors tend to keep a low profile, but these bios will help you identify the movers and shakers next time you […]

  • Ripple Root: ‘Raffles, Pineapples & the Swamp’ Live Art Performance

    21 Jul 2019

     Dear friends, You are cordially invited to ‘Raffles, Pineapples & the Swamp’ live art performance opening cocktail. Time: 8th August 2019, 6:30 – 9:30 pm Venue: Yang Gallery • Singapore, 581 Orchard Road, The Shopping Gallery Hilton #01-11, Singapore 238883 RSVP:  / +6567218888 We look forward to your presence to celebrate this bicentennial 200th […]

  • Vault by Vans X Frida Kahlo: Limited Edition Sneakers 2019

    21 Jul 2019

    Vans has earned the status of being a cultural symbol for creative expression, catering to those who thrive on living “Off The Wall”. Celebrating art and the brand’s commitment to inspiring the nonconformists of the world, Vault by Vans introduces a truly unique footwear collection honoring iconic painter, Frida Kahlo. Known best for her self-portraits […]

  • Sotheby’s Will Allow Rival Bidders to top Patrick Drahi’s $3.7-Billion Takeover Offer

    20 Jul 2019

    Last Monday, Sotheby’s dropped a bombshell of an announcement: After 31 years as a publicly traded company on the New York Stock Exchange, the company had signed an agreement to be purchased by the French telecommunications billionaire Patrick Drahi for the sum of $3.7 billion. Should the shareholders approve the deal, they would receive $57 per […]

  • Singapore needs full-fledged arts university: NMP Ho

    20 Jul 2019

    Singapore should consider transforming arts institutions such as the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (Nafa) and Lasalle College of the Arts into full-fledged arts universities, said Nominated MP (NMP) Terence Ho yesterday. Lasalle and Nafa offer diploma and degree courses in the arts. Other arts institutions include the School of the Arts, Singapore’s first pre-tertiary […]

  • Shapely Linear 线条有形 Contemporary Exhibition

    17 Jul 2019

    Exhibition Period: 2019.7.9 – 7.31 Venue: Yang Gallery • Beijing 798, 3rd Taxi Street, No. 4 Jiuxianqiao Road, 798 Art District, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100015, China Tel: +86 10 57623020 / _______________________________________________________ Andre Nadal Black is the dominant colour in most of Andre’s works. Colour of infinity, mystery and rigor, black is for Andre Nadal the absolute […]

  • Navigating Asia’s Booming Art Market

    02 Jul 2019

    Even as China’s economy encountered headwinds late last year, leading global auction houses such as  Christie’s closed a strong autumn season in the region, selling lots worth a combined $353 million, including Su Shi’s 1,000-year-old masterwork Wood and Rock for a touch under $60 million—making it the most expensive object ever sold by Christie’s in Asia. The […]

  • South Korea Embarks on a Contemporary Art Museum Building Boom, Aiming to Open 186 New Museums by 2023

    26 Jun 2019

    Since the past few years, Korean contemporary art has been solidifying its presence steadily in the global art scene. Following its growing international demand, South Korea is angling to become an international art & cultural hub. The Asian nation has unveiled a five-year plan designed to make its art and artifacts more accessible to the public, […]

  • Art Basel Switzerland 2019

    12 Jun 2019

    Just a half-hour into the VIP preview of the 50th edition of Art Basel on Tuesday, megacollector Steven Cohen, who reportedly bought Jeff Koons’s stainless steel Bunny sculpture at auction last month for a record $91 million, could be spotted at the fair. “The fair is really impressive this year. The rumors of tough times in the art […]

  • Master the Art of Investing in Art

    06 Jun 2019

    Art can be an attractive investment over the long run, according to consulting firm Deloitte, as it generates a moderate positive real return. why invest in art? One reason is simply that you get to have something enjoyable that you see in your home every day. Compared to equities or bonds, art is very tangible […]

  • ‘我们仨 Three of Us’ Contemporary Exhibition at Yang Gallery • Beijing 798

    05 Jun 2019

    我们仨 Foreword   我们仨都出生和成长在贵州省的小城市。每次回到家乡,看到这个城市里到处是钢筋混凝土浇筑的楼房,以及宽阔的大马路,都钩起我对儿时的回忆。记忆中小城的天空常常是阴郁的。城市的颜色素净,灰色调的。这里民居建筑大都是木结构的,狭窄的马路是泥地或石头铺成的。记忆中的人很亲切,有人情味。这段描述是我对自己出生地方的记忆,那是一段恍恍惚惚的黑白图像式的记忆。但我还有另一个色彩斑斓的记忆图像,就是我和姐姐或弟弟在一起玩耍时家乡阳光明媚的天空,我们常常穿梭于茂密的树丛中。春天时各种树木叶子还刚冒尖,却都开满了花,真的是花的世界。夏天我们在城郊的小溪里捉小鱼,捡贝壳。秋天时姐姐到果园里偷水果,我和弟弟潜入庄稼地中偷玉米。冬天我们围在火炉旁听父母瞎唠叨,却也其乐融融。以上我对我们家乡回忆的描述,我认为非常美好,是否真实,我觉得已经不重要了,因为这些都是记忆,记忆也许不可靠,但对童年的怀念却耿耿在心。我认为我们姐弟三个的童年是相似的。这里是我们成长的起点。                我姐姐叫余陈,跟我母亲姓,据我母亲说余陈小时候象男孩,常和同龄的孩子打架。但在我童年的印象里,余陈的表情常常是忧郁、孤单的,很少看到余陈有快乐的时候,更多的时候是沉默的。余陈比我大六岁,比我弟弟大十二岁。由于我们姐弟间的年龄差距比较大,因此每当父母对我姐弟的回忆的描述,总与我的记忆有出入。我记忆中的余陈总是悄悄的翻着一本印有芭蕾舞的小人书,或对着镜子做着各种芭蕾舞的姿态。我时常会有余陈拿着一本书流眼泪的记忆。在我七岁的时候余陈就离开父母到省城去读中专,我与她在一起长久的相处就此中断,此后每次与她见面都有陌生感。以后的时间大都是与弟弟在一起的。我弟弟叫陈李,是我们家的老三,脾气古怪,我们只要不顺从他,他就在地上来回乱滚一通,按母亲的说法这是“驴打滚“。陈李从小胃口好,喜欢吃,常常把母亲买来的水果藏到家里的各个角落,母亲总是抱怨每次打扫卫生时,常常会清理出不少霉烂的或发酵了的水果,这让母亲心疼,因为在那个年代,中国的物质很匮乏,有好吃的父母都舍不得吃,留给孩子吃。陈李除了喜欢吃,还很喜欢读有关战争的书,对两次世界大战的故事熟记于胸。时常会看到陈李从山上捉来很多蚱蜢,把后腿扯掉,组成他的蚱蜢军团,只是蚱蜢们不听指挥,到处乱爬,陈李为此而乱发脾气。陈李常欺负我,我懒得与他计较。我是属于胆子比较小的那一类孩子,从不愿意去打扰和麻烦别人,怕被人家指责。因对别人的表情比较敏感,我很小就学会了“察言观色”。        在上学的年代,我与余陈相处的记忆基本上是空白,只知道她在中专和大学里专业都很突出,父母常常拿余陈的作品来激励我和陈李。陈李是我看着长大的,他不太关心与他没有关系的事情,总是趴在桌子上一边画他喜欢的战争场面,一边吃着桌子上放着的水果和甜点。上初中时,陈李画了很多卡通机器人,然后卖给同学,两、三毛钱卖一张,因此陈李在他的同学中属于“有钱人”,连我都对他产生嫉妒。 在我学生时代的记忆里,我感受到的是我们三个孩子都比较压抑的,并都以各自的方式企图摆脱那种沉闷的、昏暗的、心理上缺少支持的时期。记得寒暑假余陈回到家时,每天都看到她写日记,可能写日记可以帮助减轻人内心的郁闷,至少余陈有日记本作为她的倾诉对象。陈李对于文字不感兴趣,我印象里他一直在不停的吃着什么,他的书包里总是装有一些能吃的东西,并常常不明不白的发脾气。而我经常逃学,也因此在放学后惶恐地在家门口徘徊不敢进家。我们三个都属于那种不太和群,愿意自己独处的孩子。由于父母都是美术工作者,我们的人生观多受父母的暗示和影响,我们对“未来”并不太关心,唯一的压力就是要考上大学。  一些年过去了,我们姐弟仨先后考上并毕业于中央美术学院,并且都留在了北京,父母因此而感到欣慰。但父亲似乎不太支持我们成为画家,而是希望我们有一个好的工作。父亲认为做一个艺术家会很艰难,虽然他欣赏艺术家,但他不希望自己的儿女过上不确定的生活。余陈留在中央美术学院做老师,算是既有稳定的工作又可以有画画的环境。后来我和陈李都先后辞掉工作,成了画家。         由于都生活在北京,我们三个常常见面。也由于都是同行,我们常相互交流。余陈时常会流露出对自己人生的反省与追问,她心中有很多问题,并想找到答案。我也试图去理解她想表达的意思,但很难听懂她想说什么。余陈说话时逻辑比较混乱,我想她的思维也不是很清晰。但余陈有表达的欲望,她总想告诉我她所思考的问题,但我很难从她的角度去理解她。余陈苦于没有适合的话语去倾诉,令她感到无助。她心中的结郁也许将长久的保留在她的心里。况且我认为语言有局限性,语言无法传递思想,只能传递信息。至今仍无法理解她偶尔会表现出来的“歇斯底里“。有一次她对我说:“真希望这个世界上的人全都是小孩子组成的”。也许从认知的角度她无法去“把握”这个世界。我总想起小时侯看见余陈悄悄流泪的情景,这与她现在用小孩作为绘画主题的作品有关系吗?似乎有关系,又似乎没有关系,我知道余陈心里有遗憾。也许,在余陈的作品中,由孩子们组成的世界才是她的理想世界。余陈所思考和关心的问题对于陈李来说完全没有意义,他根本懒得去听余陈的那些唠叨。陈李关心的事情更多的是他自己的“安危”,只要这个世界没有人来“侵犯”他,他便与这个世界没有关系。陈李对这个世界唯一关心的是希望不要发生战争,并对我们说他“热爱和平”,这令我想起他小时候建立的蚱蜢军团,作为一位蚱蜢“将军”,陈李并不成功。但在电脑游戏中,陈李在自己所指挥的战役中常常赢得胜利。陈李很爱钱,钱的数目不重要,重要的是钱可以用来买他爱喝的可口可乐以及各种好吃的甜点和熟肉。陈李不喜欢现实,他说他对这个世界感到失望,他用更多的时间在画布上编织自己的世界。在他作品里,所展现的各种社会符号被从新分配、组合、构建,往往构成一幅偏执、拥挤、精致的场景。这两年陈李的作品里逐渐出现比较抒情的画面,女性更多的成为他作品的主题,画面中传递出来的是一股渴望”偷窥“的欲望,他解释说他只是想在画面上添加一些”性“的因素。最近常常听到陈李说“这个女人很性感,那个女人不够性感”的话。父亲对我说:“陈李的心理和身理都成熟得有点晚”。我觉得自己在心理上也不是一个成熟的人,在与人相处时我常不知该如何表现自己,由于在与人交往时候,因自己经常的表现不“规范”而引起了别人的不快,从而使我对人与人之间的交往规则比较在意与厌烦,我逐渐退守而成为一个旁观者。因此在画面的形式感上,我更多的强调“次序和规则”与“个性自由”间的关系。我想通过作品表达的的是,人们在忙忙碌碌的社会生活流程中忘却了自己,偶尔醒过来意识到自己的瞬间,又被琐事打扰从新投入到现实生活的流程中去。我们姐弟三人对现实生活都各自有不同的问题和感受,我们都运用图象把这些问题和感受展现在画布上,通过绘画传达我们对生活的困惑与感知。我认为艺术所要展示的可以是作者所提出的问题与困惑,也是作者向观赏者展现自己对生存的感悟,观赏者通过作品或许也看到了自己的问题和感受。也许,艺术就是一面镜子,每个人在面对艺术作品的那一刻都遭遇了另一个自己,然后问自己:“这件作品什么意思?”。         因为我们姐弟仨的展览,我便有机会写有关我们姐弟的一点感想。现在想起来,从我们出生到现在,中国的变化非常的大,我们每天似乎都在感觉着中国社会建设的速度,以及能感觉到中国社会结构在不断的拆卸和组装中。象我父亲所说的,中国正在从一个农业生产大队变成一个有限责任公司。我们姐弟仨的人生也伴随着中国社会形态的改变而变化。余陈对我说她很幸运但又不幸地经历着这个变化的时代,因为这个时代在不停地撕裂她不断从新建立起来的人生观和世界观,我也有同感。我们在被严格的管制中成长起来,已经习惯了被指引和被安排。我们在贫困中成长,却并不觉得生活在贫困中。当变化中的社会结构可以允许我们有机会选择自己的生活时,我们感到不安和恐惧。当我们走在自己选择的人生道路上,再回头去看过去的惶惑时,又为现在有能力选择我们自己的生活道路而感到安慰。我们的生活总是处于与这个变化着的社会的磨合中,内心也不停的处于震荡中,并不断地从新调整自己的心态。我们的作品也是在我们所生存的这个不断磨合的社会环境中创作出来的。也许,通过这些作品,能够反映同一个普通中国家庭中的孩子们在成长过程中,伴随着这个正在发生剧烈变化的时代,面对同一个社会所展现出的各自不同的感受。         我们都先后出生在同一个家庭,先后读的是同一个中学,毕业于同一所大学 ,又都工作和生活在北京。这次我们姐弟三在杨艺术中心举办第四次联展,我觉得我们姐弟很幸运。在此感谢 Susanna 女士和她的团队!以及为这个展览付出劳作的朋友!                                                                          […]

  • Renowned Sculptor Li Xiangqun Awarded the Prestige ‘Florence International Muse’ Art Prize

    04 Jun 2019

    Congratulations to established contemporary sculptor Li Xiangqun on winning the prestige ‘Florence International Muse’ art prize this year. 2019年6月1日,第54届“佛罗伦萨国际缪斯奖”颁奖仪式于佛罗伦萨市政厅举行。作为与“佛罗伦萨国际缪斯奖”结缘的首位中国雕塑家,李象群教授荣获该奖项中的“Erato艺术奖”,并被授予缪斯学院终身院士。 缪斯是希腊神话中主司艺术与科学的九位古老文艺女神的总称,“Muse”一词包含着希腊神话对于人类成长智慧和思想多样化的生动表达。与古希腊的雅典一样,佛罗伦萨也曾在文化艺术领域屹立于世界之巅,以“缪斯”(Muse)命名此奖项,也就将这两座文化艺术之城紧密地联系在了一起。

  • ‘Chile’s Heritage on Tour’ Exhibition

    02 Jun 2019

    The Yang Gallery team is honoured to be invited to the ‘Chile’s Heritage on Tour’ Exhibition on 30th May 2019. We appreciate Madam Grace Fu, Minister of Arts & Culture Singapore, whom did a wonderful contribution for Singapore’s global awareness of art and culture’s continuous growth. We specially thank Mr. James Sinclair, the Ambassador of […]

  • Yang Gallery | Art Busan 2019

    02 Jun 2019

    The Yang Gallery team appreciates all collectors and friends’ support and presence at our booth in the Art Busan 2019 fair. We look forward to see you next year! Art Busan, which was launched in 2012 with the purpose of making Busan the city of art and culture, has become one of the major international […]

  • Yang Gallery | Art & Academic Crossover Collaboration:《Children’s Day Special Exhibition ‘成果展’》

    02 Jun 2019

    Yang Gallery | Art & Academic Crossover Collaboration: 《Children’s Day Special Exhibition ‘成果展’》 Showcasing from 1st – 9th June 2019 at Yang Gallery • Beijing 798. 欢乐的六一儿童节!杨·国际艺术中心特别跨界合作北服高参小项目成果展,现场展出了由6所小学优秀的学生艺术作品,丰富多彩,童真欢快。项目的核心思想是展现出国家艺术发展方向的现实主义精神,浪漫主义情怀,继承和发扬中国民族传统,培养孩子对美术的兴趣,并得到精神生活的升华。在此杨·国际艺术中心住所有小朋友儿童节快乐!欢迎热爱艺术的小朋友前来参观艺术展!

  • ‘Art & Beyond: Liu Fei & Liu Hong Solo Exhibition’ Opening Cocktail

    22 May 2019

    Dear friends, We very much appreciate your presence which made 《Art & Beyond》 a great success. We look forward to your continual support & any inquiries: +6567218888 /