‘The Chinese Renaissance 中国的文艺复兴’ Lee Jin Hyu Solo Exhibition 2016

YANG GALLERY • Beijing 798 cordially invites you to ‘The Chinese Renaissance 中国的文艺复兴’ Lee Jin Hyu Solo Exhibition Opening Reception on the 5th of November 2016, 3-6pm.

Exhibition Period: 5th – 25th November 2016
RSVP: beijing@yanggallery.info / +86 10 5762 3020

Born in Seoul, Korea Graduated from Madrid University, Spain (Master’s Degree in Painting) Graduated from Gachon University, Korea, established artist Lee Jin Hyu is currently a director of korea Fine Arts Association, World Art Federation and a director of Korea professional Artists Association.

Lee Jin Hyu possesses a critical view regarding the aspect that the occurrences of historical issues in art led by the United States and some European countries form the mainstream of world art history after modernism. As his background in Spain and Iraq would suggest, he supports a pluralist position of culture and history, and proceeds to present a unique worldview in regard to the form of life and death, as well as political equality.


Established artist Lee Jin Hyu’s two sons, renowned dancers Lee Se Oul & Lee Tae Jeon, will perform a dance collaboration during the opening reception.
‘The Chinese Renaissance’, 161 x 451 cm, Oil on Canvas
‘Rose’, 115 x 91 cm, Oil on Canvas
‘Remembrance’, 112 x 91 cm, Oil on Canvas
‘Tian An Men Square’, 140 x 140 cm, Oil on Canvas
‘And Thereafter’, 91 x 72 cm, Oil on Canvas
‘We Are Walking on the Road’, 230 x 260 cm, Lightbox Installation
‘Jack’, 90 x 90 cm X 4, Mixed Media on Canvas
Limited Edition Hand Painted Tote
Limited Edition hand painted tote