The True Face of Trump

Speaking of the 2016 US presidential candidate Donald Trump, a lot of people’s first reaction is: This guy is too unreliable!
Trump can be president? Let us first look at this hairstyle.

Not just his hair, Trump repeatedly spoke fascinating words leaving many people thinking that he is a madman, with the guts to say the most outrageous things!

Such as the following phrases, sounding totally ‘unreliable’:

– I’m going to build a 1,300-mile wall on the Mexican border and Mexico will pay for it.

– I want to stop all immigrants from Terrorism-related countries!

I want the United States out of the WTO!

– Ivanka is very beautiful, if she was not my daughter, I may chase her.

– I have a lot of money, more than all their deceitful contributions added up, but I just wanna be my true self.

From the first day of the USA election announcement till the day of the election, many people thought Trump was simply crazy, or worse, just a clown.

However, let’s carefully read about Trump’s autobiography to find out more about Trump, who is in fact, surprisingly ‘Reliable’.

Do you know how outstanding Trump is?

Trump, since his childhood, was that ‘Neighbor’s kid’ who was kind of mischievous, not extremely hardworking but did very well in school.

While studying in the New York military school during his high school days, he not only achieved excellent academic achievements, played sports to a T, but also the most popular ‘ladies man’.

A young Donald Trump

After graduating from high school, Trump was admitted to the famous entrepreneur + Regal birthplace – Wharton, forward-looking to select the real estate major which was not hot at the time. During this period, in fact, he already earned his first pot of gold, 200,000 US dollars (equivalent to 1 million US dollars now).

Trump worked in his dad’s office for some time but felt that the company’s profit was too thin with not much prospects, so armed with his 200,000, as well as another USD 1 million borrowed from his dad and entered into the deep waters of Manhattan real estate.

TA MEN, ‘Tibet’, 180 x 280 cm, Oil on Canvas

After several set backs, Trump finally became the “King of Real Estate”, known among the rich and powerful.
Not only that, Trump is also the author of some of the top selling books.

Statistics shown that Trump had published a total of 16 books, including “The Art of the Deal” which was regarded as “The Businessman’s Bible”, topping the New York Times’ best sellers list for 32 weeks.
And his other book, “Trump: How to Get Rich,” received an advanced copyright payment of usd 5 million dollars from publishers even before he started writing.

Even the world’s best-selling author Robert Kiyosaki, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” series of books, cooperated with Trump and started a fire globally.

Looking at those many full time writers living a life with no books ranked in the best-selling list, whether you like Trump or not, he is a successful writer.

On top of that he is also a successful host, producing the hit reality show ‘The Apprentice’, hitting ratings record!

According to Trump himself, he earned a total of 213 million dollars from 11 years of participation in this show. Although the figure is debatable, it is widely accepted that he earned at least usd 100 million dollars.

In this world where a vast majority of people are not successful in their lives one way or another, Trump is a successful businessman, author, host…. with everything going smoothly for him.

How does he do it?

Trump’s house keeper for 30 years once mentioned to the media that Trump sleeps for only four hours a day and gets up before dawn to read the newspaper then play sport before starting the day’s work.
If such a person is unreliable, then who is?….

Comparing children, Trump leads by miles

Although many people say that Trump is not ‘reliable’, but no one can deny that all of his children are excellent, not only good lookers but are also very capable.

Even when asked about ‘Trump’s merit’, his arch rival Hillary Clinton once said: “I respect the Trump children, they are all competent and very supportive of their father.”

As we all know, Trump married three times and all their three wives have children.

Trump’s first wife Ivana Marie Trump gave birth to three children, the eldest son Donald Trump the second, graduated from the University of Pennsylvania and is now the vice president of the Trump Group of companies with five children of his own.

Donald Trump junior

Second son Eric Trump, is an outstanding graduate of Georgetown University, the current executive vice president of the Trump Group. He set up his charitable fund under his name 10 years ago specifically to help support medical treatments for children. A loving, sunny young man.

Donald Trump with his second son Eric Trump

Daughter Ivanka receives the most media attention and is the most capable. She not only helped his father manage the family’s real estate business, she is a supermodel and also owns her own label, one of the wealthiest second generation to date.

Ivanka Trump

Trump also has another 20 year old daughter, Tiffany, with his second wife actress Marla Maples. she helps her elder sister to manage her fashion label while also working as a model.

Tiffany Trump

Finally, there is teenager Barron Trump who is the baby of the family, the only child with his third wife, Slovenia model Melania Trump.

Donald Trump with his youngest son, Barron Trump. Wife Melania Trump in white.

With such a large family and complicated blood ties, not only there are no tears of drama but alot of mutual support among the siblings as evidenced.

Donald, Melania and Barron Trump in their home at the Trump Towers.

Moreover, Jared Kushner, a loyal Democrat who married Ivanka Trump, ‘betrayed’ the family and offered advice on Trump’s campaign.

Jared Kushner & Ivanka Trump with their three children

In reality, Trump himself is very close to his own brothers and sisters, and more than once in his autobiography mentioned about them.

Some people say, by looking at a man, you can see the future of his children. Similarly, through the success of the child, we can see their parents.

For one child to be excellent is not difficult, but all of Trump’s children bore by different mothers were are highly capable and distinguished, this can only show that Trump is a successful father.
Because, seemingly no unreliable father can teach all his children to be so reliable!

The government’s six-year unfinished project, he completed it in 4 months

In Trump’s autobiography, there is one incident that left people a deep impression.

The book mentioned that, starting in June 1980, the New York City government closed a public skating rink to repair Central Park.

At the same time, located near Central Park is the 68-storey Trump Building which also began to break ground.

Two and a half years later, the Trump Tower was completed on schedule and on budget. But the central park ice rink still showed no sign of completion.

Trump called the venue person in charge, said he wanted to be in charge of it but he was refused..
5 years later, the Central Park’s central ice rink, was still a mess.

Trump could not accept that this municipal project had become a shame of New York, so he called again but was rejected once more.

Trump wrote to the then New York Mayor, Koch, saying he would pay for the project in a matter of months and would rent it himself at a reasonable price after the project ends.

But the mayor sternly refused and published articles in the newspaper to shame Trump. However, this event aroused strong dissatisfaction within the people and due to public protest, under pressure the mayor finally handed the project to Trump.

Eventually, the mess which caused New York City six and a half years and 13 million US dollars, Trump spent just four months to perfect the work and it only costed $ 2.5 million!

Trump’s act fully proved that actions speak louder than words.

In his autobiography, Trump recorded one incident. In the southeastern United States, the Georgia Hill family faced S300,000 in due to long-term agricultural debt If they could not repay on time, the farms which were operated by three generations will be confiscated by the bank.
In order to keep the land, Mr. Hill chose to commit suicide, hoping to use the insurance compensation money to repay the debt.

Suicide insurance is not compensation, the 66-year-old Mrs. Hill almost collapse when the insurance company informed her of this devastating news.

A 40-year-old Trump used his name and started a fund to raise money for the Hills family and topped the inadequacy from his own pocket. Through the local media, he found Mrs. Hill and helped solve the pressing problem.

Lee Jin Hyu, ‘6 Great Leaders’, Oil on Canvas

30 years later, when 70-year-old Trump campaigned for presidency in South Carolina, a 50-year-old woman came up from the audience with tearful eyes, holding a photo of Trump with her late mother. She is the daughter of the Hill’s and Trump rescued her family.
Not only that, Trump has also allowed stranger to use his private plane to fly their sick son from Los Angeles to New York to see a doctor.
When the 2006 beauty contestant – Miss America’s winner Tara Conner was caught up with drug addiction, the media asked to deprive her title. As the chairman of the Miss America pageant, Trump withstood the pressure and decided to retain Connor’s title to give her a chance, and asked her to kick off her drug addiction.

Trump’s decision led to a lot of people’s discontent. An ABC news commentator shunned Trump on a program, said Trump is lecherous, ill-disciplined and took sympathy on drug addicts because he himself has a low moral standard.

Trump immediately countered back and retorted that she ‘looked like a pig and a complete loser, why criticize me?’

This is the origin of why Trump scolded a woman a ‘Pig’.

Although Trump was verbally critical, but his action changed Connor’s life. Connor successfully quitted her drug addiction, but also became an ambassador for drug treatment, appealing to people to stay away from drugs.

Compassionate, gives opportunities, doesn’t stick a stigma on people….. Ask yourself why so many people love Trump?

Perhaps in the eyes of some elites, Trump is too vulgarm but remember, it is such a person who is willing to speak out for the poor and willing to help the poor.

Now, take a step back and think, is Donald Trump really ‘unreliable’?