‘Zen Vitality 禅风和气’ Tian Xutong Solo Exhibition 2017

In conjunction with Singapore Art Week 2017, YANG GALLERY • Singapore proudly presents ‘Zen Vitality 禅风和气 Tian Xutong Solo Exhibition’ from 12th January – 12th February 2017.

Exhibition Venue: 19 Tanglin Road, Tanglin Shopping Centre #02-41, Singapore 247909
Contact Information: shion@yanggallery.com.sg / +65 6721 8888

Born in Beijing in 1962, Tian Xutong graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts & Craft in 1985 with a major in ink painting.

Established Chinese contemporary water color & ink painter Tian Xutong

Tian Xutong takes great inspiration from the paintings of the Song Dynasty. In recent times, he has relentlessly explored and adapted the most simplified of symbols, just as in the paintings of the Song Dynasty, to further represent the stillness, perfection and the co-existence of everything as expounded by Zen philosophy.Tian scrutinizes symbols and contemplates their sense of perfection, stillness and harmony as he seeks to translate such profound qualities into his own pieces, which exhibit a very similar calmness and minimalism for all of the spontaneity and boldness of their brushstrokes.

Title: Revolving Heart Size: 68 x 68 cm Medium: Watercolor & ink on Paper

Tian Xutong does the Zen theme almost the same way as common people practicing Yoga. We never take the trouble to consider Yoga’s profound implication, nor its origin – China or India. We enjoy doing it because it makes our body and mind feel relaxed and free. We find a simple, quiet harmony in the rhythm.

Title: All Things on Earth Size: 68 x 136 cm Medium: Watercolor & ink on Paper

The result is Tian’s masterpiece paintings of bold and spontaneous brushstrokes that resonate minimalism but yet reflect profound meanings of peace and oneness.

Title: Midday Afternoon Size: 80 x 80 cm Medium: Watercolor & ink on Paper

If there is one artist who has most certainly taught us about the immense amount achievable with a mere couple of brushstrokes, it simply has to be Tian Xu Tong, whose belief in helping to make our world just that bit more tranquil is beyond doubt.

Title: Round Sky Square Earth Size: 68 x 68 cm Medium: Watercolor & ink on Paper