Zhang Xiaogang’s ‘Bloodline: Big Family II’ auctioned at USD 4,832,606

At Council Auction’s autumn auction held at the Beijing International Hotel Conference Center on 6th December 2016, one of the highlights were the artworks from “Countdown: Mr. Johnson Chang’s important private collection”.

Ten contemporary artworks belonging to Chang, a Hong Kong-based art curator and dealer, were auctioned, among which was Zhang Xiaogang’s “Bloodline: Big Family II ” with a RMB 20 million start-up and ultimately auctioned at RMB 38.18 million! (USD 4,832,606)

‘Bloodline: ‘Big Family II’ is typical of the series in which Zhang used the family photo and identification photo format commonly seen in the 1950s and 1960s.The figures in his paintings — parents and children — wear gray suits and have identical hair styles, just like in the old photos.

Their faces are expressionless and their eyes look emotionless. Zhang’s works show a critical attitude of the past when collectivism was favored over individuality.