• Contemporary Fine Art has become a global phenomenon!
  • YANG GALLERY is one of the most prestigious Contemporary Fine Art galleries in Singapore and China.

Everything in Existence, Only Time Prevails by Zhong Biao

400 x 1200cm, Acrylic on Canvas

Swans by Yue Minjun

120 x 80 cm, Lithography

Rabbit by Jeff Koons

Stainless Steel

Twelve Beauties of Jinling by Ta Men (They)

120 x 120cm, Oil on Canvas

Rebirth Ceremony by Zhang Xiaogang

180 x 230 cm, Oil on Canvas

Liberty by Huang Gang


The Emperor's New Clothes: Garden Stroll by Zhao Limin

138 x 235cm, Oil on Canvas

Lip Language by Liu Hong

180 x 150 cm, Oil on Canvas

Flower, Bird, Insect, Fish Series- Fish Tank by Lu Hao

111.8 x 51.8 x 0.7 cm, Plexiglass & Plastic Goldfish Installation

Night Play by Yu Hang

100 x 192 cm, C-Print Photography

Libe • Ration by Bi Heng

1000 x 600 x 500 cm, Comprehensive Material

Carp Beauty by Deng Xinli

Acrylic on Canvas

Misorder: Borken Layer no. 5 by Lin Xin

155 x 282 cm, Oil on Canvas

Passing By by Hua Qing

180 x 1100 cm, Oil on Canvas

Dark Fragrance by Yan Zhixiong

120 x 80 cm, C-Print Photography

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