• Contemporary Fine Art has become a global phenomenon!
  • YANG GALLERY is one of the most prestigious Contemporary Fine Art galleries in Singapore and China.

Chick by Ivan Korshunov

Mixed media on Canvas, 100 x 100 cm

Sunset Scenery by Xu Zhe

Oil on Canvas, 130 x 200 cm

Rewarding Experience by Wan Yi

Acrylic on Canvas, 112 x 162 cm

The Story of Evolution by Pan Junfeng

Oil on Canvas, 170 x 120 cm

Dialogue by Li Manjin

Acrylic on Canvas, 150 x 200 cm

Auspicious Picture by Zhang Bo

Acrylic on Canvas, 120 x 100 cm

Rooster God by Zou Sijin

Oil on Canvas, 60 x 100 cm

Dance by Zhu Yucheng

Oil on Canvas, 80 x 60 cm

Big Rooster by Chen Zize

Mixed Media, 70 x 62 x 35 cm

Golden Rooster I by Zhang Jiayi

Oil on Canvas, 100 x 80 cm

Five Morals, Gao Sihua

Oil on Canvas, 100 x 100 cm

Rooster & the Rock, Wei Xiaofei

Oil on Canvas, 100 x 120 cm

In the Wind by Jin Pianyue

Oil on Canvas, 160 x 160 cm

Exotic Birds, Mo Zhi

Oil on Canvas, 60 x 91 cm

Little Gold Chick by Liu Miaomiao

Ceramics, 25 x 20 x 15 cm

Flower Collision, Huang Ziyi

Oil on Canvas, 60 x 80 cm

Morning Song by Bian Tao

Oil on Canvas, 120 x 90 cm

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