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  • YANG GALLERY is one of the most prestigious Contemporary Fine Art galleries in Singapore and China.

Water by Tamen

Acrylic on Canvas, 35 x 45 cm


12 Zodiac Heads by Ai Weiwei

Bronze & gold patina, 91.4 x 47.6 x 63.5 cm

Ai Wei Wei

Angel no. 22 by Qin Feng

Acrylic, Tea & Coffe on Ceramics Paper, 142 x 75 cm

Qin Feng

Green Butterfly by Bernard Buffet

Lithography, 48 x 68 cm

Above the Clouds by Ren Zhe

53 x 39 x 86 cm / 63 x 48 x 80 cm (warrior) 100 x 46 x 21 cm / 90 x 46 x 21 cm (cloud base), Stainless Steel

Ren Zhe & Hollywood celebrity, Johnny Depp

Sadness Never Seems to Have Had by Lin Xin

Oil on Canvas, 170 x 380 cm

Lin Xin

Panther Born Wild with Collar by Richard Orlinski

Resin & Aluminum, 152mm

Richard Orlinski

Richard Orlinski with celebrity Paris Hilton

Tranquility, Zhang Xiangming

Oil on Canvas, 200 x 200 cm

Ode to Motherland no. 10, Cai Zhisong

Copperplate, Brass Wires, Glass Fiber Reinforced Resin, 62 x 54 x 190 cm

Cai Zhisong for Porsche

Cai Zhisong with famed Rockerfellar family

Victory by Pan Dehai

Oil on Canvas, 200 x 170 cm

Backyard Garden, Yue Minjun

Yue Minjun with his limited edition Watch collection by Hublot

Red Memory- Shy Boy by Chen Wenling

Bronze, 31 x 11 x 9 cm

BW100615 by Andre Nadal

Acrylic on Canvas, 120 x 120 cm

YANG GALLERY Managing Director Ms. Susanna Yang & Madam Grace Fu, Minister for Culture, Community and Youth

Nuptial Blessing by Zhao Limin

Oil on Canvas, 185 x 180 cm

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  • A Conversation with Qin Feng: Portraits & Desires in Ink

    Merging an ink-and-wash and calligraphic style with a western abstract aesthetic, established Chinese contemporary artist Qin Feng re-interprets the age-old medium of ink painting infusing it with a new life and colour. In this interview by Christie’s auction house, Qin Feng shares more with us on his artistic philosophy and creation ideas. Qin Feng’s (b. […]

  • Lin Xin: Superstring

    Renowned hyper-realistic surrealist painter Lin Xin’s art, reveals her affection toward the equipment and machines, a kind of feeling formed in the childhood of the first Chinese Only Child generation. Lin Xin remembers the time when workers were highly valued. She spent a lot of time in those big workshops. The influence of pervasive modern […]

  • Ren Zhe: Sculptures Are My Spiritual Capsule

    “Calligraphy is the most representational of the oriental spirit. Just like what the ancients say, ‘A person is reflected through his writing’. Through calligraphy, we can see the aesthetic structure and stroke severity, but also a person’s character. Oriental culture focus on the ‘spirit’, and this charm is reflected in my works.’ – Renowned Chinese […]

  • Wu Guanzhong: Featured by National Heritage Board of Singapore

    Wu Guanzhong, arguably one of the most important Chinese artists of the 20th century, has given the Singapore Art Museum his largest donation to a public museum comprising 113 oil and ink works painted during the years 1957 to 2007. These works represent Wu’s oeuvre over five decades and in both the oil and ink […]