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Pan Dehai

Founding Ceremony (Oil on Canvas)

Fernando Botero

Horse (Bronze Sculpture)

Damien Hirst

Star (Acrylic on Canvas)

Fang Lijun

2014 Spring Summer (Oil on Canvas)

Zhong Biao

Spring (Acrylic on Canvas)

Cai Zhisong

Ode to Motherland No. 10 (Mixed Media)

Salvador Dali

Time's Eye (Jewellery)

Wang Zi

One Foot Above the Mountain, 220 x 140 cm, Oil on Canvas

Zhao Limin

The Emperor's New Clothes: Garden Stroll (Oil on Canvas)

Chang Lei

Civilization-Qing Yi No.14 (Oil on Canvas)

Luo Brothers

Welcome Welcome!- Dragon (Bronze, Sculpture)

Su Zihan

Sight (Oil on Canvas)

Lv Yanjun

Blue Roses (Oil on Canvas)

Zhou Chunya

Green Dog (Oil on Canvas)

Wang Ruilin

Hide • Seek (Bronze Sculpture)

He Hongbei

Beautiful Flowers & Perfect Moon (Oil on Canvas)

Ren Zhe

Tip of Clouds (Stainless Steel Sculpture)

He Wenjue

Watch Movie-Red Sorghum (Oil on Canvas)

Chen Jinqing

Men at Their Birth (Bronze Sculpture)

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