Artworks by Chen Jinqing

Panda eating bamboo by Chen Jinqing

56 x 26 x 28cm
Stainless Steel

Fragrance no.2 by Chen Jinqing

62 x 26 x 48cm
Stainless Steel & 24k Gold

Spring is coming by Chen Jinqing

85 x 43 x 33cm
Stainless Steel & 24k Gold

The clouds broke apart by Chen Jinqing

85 x 43 x 33cm
Stainless Steel & 24k Gold

Fragrance by Chen Jinqing

90 x 50 x 48cm
Stainless Steel & 24k Gold

North Pole by Chen Jinqing

97 x 53 x 36cm

Sky & Sea by Chen Jinqing

Small: 61 x 28 x 22cm
Medium: 106 x 50 x 38cm
Large: 230 x 106 x 83cm
Stainless Steel & 24k Gold

Buddhi by Chen Jinqing

66 x 18 x 20 cm
Gold Leaf & Bronze

Buddhi series #4 by Chen Jinqing

28 x 27 x 94 cm

Buddhi series #3 by Chen Jinqing

33 x 26 x 85 cm

Chen Jinqing


Born on 1982, Quanzhou, China.

Looking at Chen Jinqing’s works brings us back into our childhood, a period of serene and carefree happiness… Through his works we are able to embrace spirituality & solace, in search of a lost time….

Chen Jinqing’s works have been collected by the Minsheng Art Museum and the Chongqing Art Museum as well as private collectors from all over the world. Children are most lovable. They are innocent, naive and pure. They are often the source of inspiration for an artist who is looking for subject that can arouse familiar correlation.

Renowned sculptor Chen Jinqing ‘True-self Over the Vast Sea Solo Exhibition’ at YANG GALLERY • Beijing 798.

While common, Chen Jinqing has successfully explored the innermost fantasy of a child with his unique creation of children subjects. The subject is set with the background of lotus seeds and lotus pods nestling to form the various structures in the vast free sky of floating clouds. The combination of these elements is not only soothing in form and color, it has presented the essence of the culture from where the artist comes from. In the Chinese tradition, Lotus seeds symbolize continuity of generation. These lotus seeds, together with the traditionally dressed kids studying and playing, emphasize the passion of life. While the landscape is unbound and full of uncertainty, lotus pods symbolize the comfort of the motherland which constantly provides shelter and protection to these “Child Fairies”. As a result, Chen Jinqing creates a “Castle in the Sky” that is heartwarming and captivating at the same time. Undoubtedly, his artworks will continue to put a smile on your face and even in your heart bringing back one’s lost memory of a carefree childhood.

Solo Exhibitions


  • “Poetry and Verity”, 798 Times Space, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • “Everlasting Dream and Poetry”, City Art Gallery, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


  • “Sunny fingerprint” solo exhibition,Art ZAI, Beijing


  • “In Search Of“`” Unique Space Gallery, Beijing

Group Exhibitions


  • “To youth: Retrospect and Reconstruction — Chinese Contemporary Artists Exhibition”, Manet Art Space, Beijing
  • “2013 The time restart” contemporary art exhibition, Chongli, China
  • Art Beijing, National Agricultural Exhibition Center, Beijing
  • Surge Art Beijing art festival, Beijing


  • 1st Art Sanya Festival, Hai Nan
  • DAXIU·Among the cities 2012 contemporary art group exhibition, DAXIU Museum, Dazhou,Sichuan
  • Art Expo Malaysia 2012, Contemporary art exhibition in China Pavilion, Malaysia
  • The republic of plato contemporary art exhibition, Manet Art Space, Beijing
  • China International Museum Art Products Expo 2012, Beijing International Conference Center
  • 2012 Art Nova 100 Project, Beijing , Hong Kong, Ordos, Chengdu, Shenzhen
  • Colorful– Nova artists’ exhibition, RAPHAEL’S LEGEND, Beijing
  • Athena encounter with Venus, sponsored by Asie Gallery and SECOO Club, Shanghai
  • The 5th 54 International Youth Art Festival No Limited, Enjoy Art Museum, Beijing
  • Art Revolution Taipei, Taiwan, China
  • A State Of Mind-International Contemporary Art Group Exhibition,Asie Gallery,Yuanjia Art Center,Hilton Hotel
  • Shanghai,China


  • “Art Nova 100”Art Forward:A Survey Exhibition of Young Artists, Jinshang Museum, Taiyuan
  • “Art Nova 100”China circuit exhibition,Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Wuxi, Hongkong
  • “I CAN PAY” Art Festival, Shanghai
  • The 1st “Art Qingdao” contemporary sculpture exhibition, Qingdao, China
  • Changchun Vanke1948 contemporary art invitational exhibition, JUE gallery, Jilin, China
  • ART TAIPEI 2011, Taipei, China
  • Cross-boundary exhibition: JAGUAR and contemporary art, Beijing financial center
  • Shanghai Art Fair, Shanghai
  • ARTEMIDE sculpture invitation exhibition, Sanlitun Village, Beijing
  • Art Bank sculpture invitation exhibition, City Mall, Beijing
  • Qian Men No.23 invitation exhibition, Egg gallery, Beijing


  • The 15th Guangzhou international art fair
  • The 7th China-Korean international exchange exhibition, Wuzhou, Guangxi, China
  • Yi Hao Di red Square art zone celebration of its 1st anniversary, Beijing
  • Art sense of modern sculpture, Tianjin
  • DA QING 1ST cultural industrial expo, DA Qing museum, Helongjiang
  • “Imagery & Trait” the 3rd contemporary art invitation exhibition, Beihang art gallery, Beijing
  • “Art is every where”, Hakaren Art Gallery, Beijing,Singapore
  • “ZAI” Fine Art Exhibition, Jian(Paper), Beijing


  • Art Singapore 2009, Singapore
  • “Jubilant October, dynamic water drop”, Tianjin Olympic Center Stadium, Tianjin
  • Art Crossing East and West, Hakaren Art Gallery, Beijing, Singapore
  • “Dance” Grand MOMA Sculpture Exhibition, 798 Times Space, Beijing
  • A Journey to Chinese Contemporary Prints Exhibition, Yang Gallery, Beijing, Singapore


  • “It’s a small world”, Hakaren Art Gallery, Singapore
  • “Rising – Aggressive artists invitational exhibition”, 798 Times Space, Beijing
  • “Efforts Bring Success- contemporary art exhibition”, 798 Times Space, Beijing
  • “Art· Contemporary” – Group shows of contemporary artists, Unique Space Gallery, Beijing


  • International Arts and Crafts Fair “Sea & Music”, Xiamen, China


  • The 10th Fine arts exhibition, Xiamen, China
  • Excellent Price of the “Love flying over Taiwan Channel” Sculpture Competition , Xiamen, China


  • Arts and Crafts Exhibition of Younglings, Xiamen, China


  • The 1st Chongqing Sand Sculpture Competition, Chongqing, China
  • Works Yearbook of the Students from China Arts and Crafts College & Institute of higher education, Chongqing, China
  • The 7th Annual Students’ Works Exhibition of Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts , Chongqing Museum, Chongqing, China