Artworks by He Wenjue

The Youth by He Wenjue

200 x 300cm
Oil on canvas

The Sea 2022 by He Wenjue

100 x 100cm
Oil on canvas

Movie Series – 2046 by He Wenjue

160 x 90cm
Oil on canvas

Movie Series – Alive by He Wenjue

160 x 90cm
Oil on canvas

Red Sorghum by He Wenjue

200 x 400 cm
Oil on Canvas

Movie Series- Love Story by He Wenjue

200 x 300 cm
Oil on Canvas

Chinese Zodiac by He Wenjue

Dimensions Variable
24k Gold Patina & Bronze

Beautiful Life by He Wenjue

USD 3,000.00

23 x 16 x 16 cm (each)

Eternity by He Wenjue

USD 27,500.00

Bronze, 24k Gold Leaf
20 x 10 x 12 cm (each)

Water II by He Wenjue

Oil on Canvas
120 x 150 cm

Watch Movie _ Sex is Zero by He Wenjue

Oil on Canvas
200 x 130 cm

Movie Series _ Jasmine by He Wenjue

Oil on Canvas
300 x 200 cm

Watch Movie _ Cheongchun by He Wenjue

Oil on Canvas
130 x 200 cm

Impression of Burma Buddha by He Wenjue

Oil on Canvas
200 x 130 cm

He Wenjue


Born in the P.R. of China

Studied in the department of architecture

Majored in modern art, attained a bachelor’s degree

Majored in the teaching assistant’s curriculum of fresco, Center Academy of the Fine Arts

Majored in the master curriculum of painting, Center Academy of the Fine Arts

Studied in the master curriculum of painting, Academy of the Fine Arts, Jilin University

In He Wenjue’s internationally renowned series ‘Watch Movie’, the works tend to represent abstract emotions that are obtained by swift brushstrokes creating a mystical aura. The themes featured in his works from the various movies are broad, including war, politics, human nature, eroticism and culture. They represent the social developments and historical changes which are the most important criteria for the artist in the selection of his movies.

He Wenjue at YANG GALLERY Singapore & Beijing 798
Renowned painter He Wenjue (second from left) with YANG GALLERY Managing Director Ms. Susanna Yang (third from left) and collectors at YANG GALLERY space.

Analyzing his artistic process we discover a double selection process that operates on two different levels, a more intellectual one for the selection of the movie and a more emotional one for the selection of the scene. The movie he selects contains an historical event, a story or a societal drama that he considers to be important and that moves him at the same time. Asian classic films are of course iconic favorites and masterpieces like “Red Sorghum”, “Raise the Red Lantern”, ”In the Mood of Love”, “Curse of the Golden Flower” feature prominently among them. He Wenjue’s double-tier selection is therefore an intellectual, spiritual and emotional process that is unique in Chinese Contemporary art and reminds us of the essence in contemporary art: intellectual content and emotion. He Wenjue clearly appropriates the content, but makes small alterations to the meaning by using different treatments on figures, backgrounds or spatial relationships between figures. On the other hand he makes a significant contribution on the emotional side.

He Wenjue’s intense involvement and intimate fusion with filmmaking give credence to his statement that he is the only painter in the world to systematically depict film scenes. It is one of the beautiful stories about interaction between major art forms that will enrich our lives in the following decades.

Honours – Leaguer of Chinese Art Association
Leaguer of Chinese Painting Association
Syndic of China Oversea Literature Artist Union

Selected Works Exhibition:


Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Art at National Art Museum of Korea (Seoul)
Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Art at Zhuopu Art Center of Taiwan (Kaoshiung)

Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Art at Opera Gallery Paris (France and London)
Standpoint Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Art at Cube Gallery (Beijing)
Spring Salon of art exhibition at the center of Shanghai International Exhibition (Shanghai)
1st Annals Exhibition of the Chinese Contemporary Art at World Art Museum (Beijing)

Contemporary Art Exhibition—Linked with life at 3818 Cool Gallery (Beijing)Exhibition of the 21st Century China
Exhibition of Modern Art at Tongzhou (Beijing)
Coke-the exhibition of the Today’s Modern Art at Jilin Art Museum (Jilin)
China International Gallery Art exposition at the Center of China International Trade Exhibition (Beijing)
Beautiful vision-the exhibition of Shanghai’s younger artists’ works at Liuhaishu Art Museum,
Art and good faith- China Gallery (Shanghai)
Paper feeling- the exhibition of modern Art at Jilin Art Museum (Jilin)

The Wonderful World- new power of the oil exhibition at Spring-Hanmo Art Museum
Personality- fascination- exhibition of art at Sanhe Art Museum (Beijing)
Today- exhibition of young artists’ works at Today Art Museum (Beijing)