Artworks by Liu Lining

Television – Homeland by Liu Lining

50 x 31 x 32cm
Physical painting collage

Television – Paradise by Liu Lining

41 x 35 x 29cm
Physical painting collage

Television – The Peach Garden by Liu Lining

45 x 30 x 28cm
Physical painting collage

Television – Moonlight Night by Liu Lining

45 x 35 x 33cm
Physical painting collage

Television – Home by Liu Lining

41 x 32 x 30cm
Physical painting collage

Television – Scenery by Liu Lining

Physical painting collage

Television – People by Liu Lining

43 x 30 x 30cm
Physical painting collage

Television – Lucky by Liu Lining

40 x 32 x 34cm
Physical painting collage

Television – Mountain Landscape by Liu Lining

46 x 31 x 31cm
Physical painting collage

Television – Garden by Liu Lining

40 x 31 x 30cm
Physical painting collage

Television – Long Hair by Liu Lining

48 x 38 x 35cm
Physical Painting Collage

Television-Wedding Banquet by Liu Lining

35 x 35 x 35cm
Physical painting collage

Search the City no. 4 by Liu Lining

110 x 135 cm
Acrylic on Canvas

2008 by Liu Lining

160 x 220 cm
Acrylic on Canvas

Dragon Boat by Liu Lining

56 x 150 cm
Mixed Media on Canvas

Search the City no. 1 by Liu Lining

180 x 160 cm
Acrylic on Canvas

Liu Lining


Liu Lining’s (b. 1980) surrealist works in acrylic on canvas convey a sense of unease and threat to the individual in modern society. Many of his works are inspired by childhood memories and are imbued with melancholy and loneliness. “Childhood” shows the artist as a boy alone in a field beneath bare winter trees and an eerie moon, trailing a doll by a leash. On closer inspection, the doll turns out to be one of Velázquez’s “Las Meninas”. In the background is the railway that ran close to his home as a boy. More sinister still, “Hidden Danger” shows two politicians or leaders debating but apparently not engaging, with obviously dire repercussions on society. Armed gangsters lurk in the undergrowth, people and animals alike try in vain to hide. Life is uncertain and insecure.

2003 Graduated with BFA from Department of Printmaking in China Central Academy of Fine Arts


2012 Micro-Control:Passage to the Secrets of Art Beijing

Made in China

Contemporary Chinese Artists Luciano Benetton Collection


Italian-China Biennial Italian

2011 She and them MK2 Gallery Beijing

Art Nova 100 Beijing

New Academy of Fine Arts Promotion

White Art Space Beijing

2010 Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition Geneva Switzerland

Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition Los Angle

Chinese Youth Art Exhibition MK2 Gallery Beijing

2009 The Myth of Displacement New Millennium Gallery Beijing

Gemeinsam in bewegung Wuhan

Beautiful New World EM Gallery Beijing

Heiqiao No.1 Open Studio show

2009 Art Beijing Extension China

2008 Chinese Contemporary Art

Now Ho Am Art Museum Seoul Korea

“Youth Horizon” PAM Art Space Beijing

Heiqiao No.1 Open studio show

2008 Art Beijing Extension China

See-Through Tang Contemporary Art Hong Kong

“Prism” New Millennium Gallery Beijing