Artworks by Liu Lining

Television – Homeland by Liu Lining

50 x 31 x 32cm
Physical painting collage

Television – The Peach Garden by Liu Lining

45 x 30 x 28cm
Physical painting collage

Television – Moonlight Night by Liu Lining

45 x 35 x 33cm
Physical painting collage

Television – Childhood by Liu Lining

41 x 32 x 30cm
Physical painting collage

Television – Seeing the Mountain by Liu Lining

41 x 35 x 29cm
Physical painting collage

Television – People by Liu Lining

43 x 30 x 30cm
Physical painting collage

Television – Lucky by Liu Lining

40 x 32 x 34cm
Physical painting collage

Television – Mountain Landscape by Liu Lining

46 x 31 x 31cm
Physical painting collage

Television – Garden by Liu Lining

40 x 31 x 30cm
Physical painting collage

Television – Long Hair by Liu Lining

48 x 38 x 35cm
Physical Painting Collage

Television-Wedding Banquet by Liu Lining

35 x 35 x 35cm
Physical painting collage

Search the City no. 4 by Liu Lining

110 x 135 cm
Acrylic on Canvas

2008 by Liu Lining

160 x 220 cm
Acrylic on Canvas

Dragon Boat by Liu Lining

56 x 150 cm
Mixed Media on Canvas

Search the City no. 1 by Liu Lining

180 x 160 cm
Acrylic on Canvas

Liu Lining


Liu Lining’s (b. 1980) , 2003 Graduated with BFA from Department of Printmaking in China Central Academy of Fine Arts

Liu Lining responds to the sense of vision object. He usually constructed the interest rare story to recount with the mild scenery. lt is a youthful imagination and also a realistic metaphor to make people smile when they tensioned. These stories become a kind of nursery tale in modern society and full of humor and dramatic. They are fantastic and actually various natural memories with combination. Much changing and looking for vision of youth in the different modern life, reverse the materialization existence of the contemporary. He constructs an impossible story with the earnest style of writing, reveals a kind of free spirit and also delivers the conjecture of another reality This is a new generations humor. Their attitude is relaxed because of growing in a raising China. These senses of visions that are reversed and replaced could be a kind of metaphors of reality. It could be a kind of art idea and method are namely moved by daily experience to imagine space and is watched by the normal regulations move toward sense of vision expression, is moved by the flat surface painting to idea of present to show.

Before internet coming, television is the only way connect the world. Those who have experienced are cherish it. and those who have no experienced are curious. The television create by Liu Lining won‘t play any video, but let you begin to drift. New creation television series let audiences watching a colorful 21 century in a black and white television box -you can see a crowd of similar people, a traditional Chinese wedding dinner and a bride like the main course in the menu, feel like a sweet sex garden. Every touching scene, it humorous and fantasticality but also block outside the world by the television. Those scenes won‘t be called surreal, there are same memories and impressions -about society and life, people are seem to have met before. His works are not flow in the sky, life experiences are the sources of inspiration in the creation. Young artist fighting under pressure, but it clears up by fairy tale color of Liu. This is life, it is the world watching by young people.