Art Meets Investment 2020 | Shen Hongbiao & He Sen Solo Exhibition

Art Meets Investment 2020
Shen Hongbiao & He Sen Solo Exhibition
何森 & 申红飙双个展
1st Nov 2020 – 28th Nov 2020
Yang Gallery · Singapore

Contemporary Fine Art has become a global phenomenon and the demand is dramatically increasing continuously amid pandemic. The global art market is a $67 billion-a-year business and has been growing steadily in recent years, alongside the stock market and the housing market. But unlike some other markets, the COVID-19 pandemic has had less of an economic impact on the art market.

As art has no correlation to the stock market, it means paintings can go up in value even when the market crashes, making it a good diversification for an investment portfolio. Investing in art is an amazing opportunity, especially if you’re someone who has always wanted to become involved or be more involved in the art world. You can create financial stability with investing in art and making it a part of your overall investment portfolio.

6 Simple Steps to Start Investing in Art:
1. Invest in some art books. Before you start shopping, hit the bookstore. … 2. Window-shop at art galleries and museums…
3. Consider meeting & calling in the professionals..
4. Don’t overspend for a famous artist
5. Viewing the actual artwork or video call
6. Make sure you like the art piece before you bring it home

Welcome to Yang Gallery upcoming exhibition, Art Meets Investment 2020 – featuring the established Chinese artists, Shen Hongbiao & He Sen.

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