Six Chinese Contemporary Artists ‘Light Up’ New York Times Square

New York, often known as the global art center, is the strongest location to spread art. From the 9th – 22nd November 2016, Established Chinese contemporary artists Tian Shixin, Li Xiangqun, Zhong Biao, Deng Jianjin, Chen Wenling and Xu Qingfeng will be standing at the ‘crossroad of the world’, New York Times Square, with images of their excellent artworks distinctively showcased on the huge flashing LED Screen.

The screen operates from early morning to night with a high-frequency broadcast. Pedestrians only have to lift their eyes to enjoy a visual feast. These artists and their works have left their artistic footsteps at New York’s Times Square, a transmission of a signal – Art is merging with mass communication and the voices of Chinese Contemporary Art continue to spread throughout the world.

The contemporary art of today will eventually turn over the pages defined and judged by others to self-examine and position. The artworks by these six artists will allow New York to remember their oriental artistic demeanour, style and presence. Their will infiltrate and illuminate the sky of New York.

Li Xiangqun
Li Xiangqun, ‘We Are Walking on the Road’, Bronze
Zhong Biao
Zhong Biao, ‘Everything in Existence, Only Time Prevails’, Acrylic on Canvas
Chen Wenling


Chen Wenling ,’Games’, Bronze


Deng Jianjin


Deng Jianjin, ‘Mask’, Oil on Canvas


Xu Qingfeng


Xu Qingfeng, ‘Glory,’ Oil on Canvas


Tian Shixin
Tian Shixin, ‘Nude’, Bronze