Yang Gallery | “Towards A New Path” BELIN Solo Exhibition Singapore

Exhibition Title
Toward A New Path


Opening Reception
15th Dec 2023, 6-9pm

Yang Gallery
581 Orchard Road, #01-11 VoCo Orchard Singapore


About Artist

Miguel Angel Belinchón is a Spanish plastic artist known in the art world as Belin. His current artwork comes from urban art and confronts the artist in a constant dichotomy between tradition and modernity that extends to the techniques used.

Originally he was world-renowned for mastering the aerosol technique and hyperrealism. Currently his freedom with spray painting is contained in his perfectionist skill with the brush, and both combiands lead him to take an evolutionary step in his work reaching the Postneocubism.

His work converges in the Postneocubism after a succession of hyperrealism, surrealism and even impressionism. Is being in the city of Malaga and as tribute to master Pablo Picasso when his inspiration and creativity lead to this new artistic style, considered today as the third phase of the essential evolution of the first avant-garde that we know as Cubism.
This new artistic style has been recognized by critics and contemporaries, it has become Belin’s personal brand and in the current 21st century.

Currently his main work are from the studio, canvases and sculptures that we can find in galleries of the main cities of the world, but Belin has not left the street, and connects walls and street-art with his Postneocubism and Oneline work. The latter arises as expressionist result after an action of liberation from the interior combat that the artist faces before the creation of his work.

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Yang Gallery – Belin Solo Exhibition Singapore 2023