Yang Gallery | “Visitors on the Ice Mountain” Ta Men Solo Exhibition Singapore 2023


Exhibition Title
Visitors on the Ice Mountain 冰山上的来客

Opening Cocktail
5-8 PM, 12 Dec 2023

Ta Men 他们+

Yang Gallery
581 Orchard Road, #01-11 voco Orchard, Singapore

Pacific Whisky Club, Valmont, The Spa


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Yang Gallery – Visitors on the Ice Mountain – Ta Men Solo Exhibition 2023


About Artist

TA MEN+, Lai Shengyu & Yang Xiaogang (1978, Hunan, China),Education: Central Academy of Fine arts, Beijing, China (2004)

Tamen+ is an artist collective formed in 2003 by artists Lai Shengyu and Yang Xiaogang, who were born in China’s Hunan Province in 1978 and 1979, respectively. Both received post-graduate degrees from the Central Academy of Fine Arts in the Department of Printmaking. The duo has traveled widely and rejects contemporary society’s infatuation with the individual by seamlessly collaborating on and co-painting each work. They have gained acclaim in China and abroad for their Same Room series of paintings, and have since shifted towards exterior scenes in natural landscapes, displaying Western-style painting techniques and thought-provoking conceptualizations.

Lai Shengyu and Yang Xiaogang’s collaborations are part of the new trend of Chinese contemporary art where thought exercises are staged on canvas. The two artists co-paint, co-operate and co-practice, placing emphasis on communication and dialogue, both in the process and results of their work. Before beginning a work, a general theme and setting may be discussed, while the rest of the conversation occurs through the painting as they alternate working on the piece, continuously adding upon the other’s work, with neither having the right to erase the work of the other.


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