Yang Gallery | Wu Kong · Wang Ninghua Digital Art Exhibition

Wu Kong | Wang Ninghua Digital Solo Exhibition
悟空 | 王宁华数字艺术展

Curator: Wen Peng
Exhibition Period: 28 May 2021 – 28 Jun 2021
Exhibition Venue: The Shopping Gallery Hilton #01-11, 581 Orchard Road, Yang Gallery Singapore


The wave of digital art is sweeping the world this year. It’s a little too fast. Beeple’s genesis auction ignites the spring of NFT. We have long expected the digital age, but we didn’t expect it to come so quickly. It has something to do with the awareness of copyright of the young generation, the rampant epidemic, and the digital economy.
Wang Ninghua created digital works as early as a few years ago. He was born as a designer, and his digital creation is easy to come by. What he brings to this exhibition is the “international Wukong” series, hoping to step on the explosive point of this wave. The space separation cooperation with Yang Gallery in Singapore has eliminated the burden of travel, and a month’s Hotel isolation has opened the post epidemic mode of gallery cooperation in the form of digital.
The key to digital art is the interest of the second generation, as well as the promotion of fashion stars. The generation of Wang Ninghua’s works is based on Guochao’s installation, which has his own context, conforms to the promotion of digital art, and has unlimited derivatives.
Enlightenment is the Dharma of Zen and emptiness is the master of cultivation. All creation, ideas and life are empty to come and empty to go. —Wen Peng




Digital Art Exhibition



The sun and the moon are repeating themselves
Who ordered Qi Tian to break the enmity
Love and hate are linked
You can’t escape from the sky between your fingers

A Leather Bag Monkey
25cm / 75cm / 180cm high

Angel Monkey
25cm / 75cm / 180cm high

Ask about the cause and effect of life and death
Why did you give birth to me
How can you not understand me when you bring me here
With the sound of Tao, one can become a Buddha immediately
Is it true that if you become a Buddha,
there will be no magic in the world

Antique Monkey
25cm / 75cm / 180cm high

TV Monkey
25cm / 75cm / 180cm high

Above the heavenly palace
The moon is the same as Huaguo Mountain
Success in the first World War
You won’t win. I can’t defend you
How many rays do you miss in silence
The ending and the truth can’t be seen in one step or two

Cross Monkey
25cm / 75cm / 180cm high

Banana Monkey
25cm / 75cm / 180cm high

I don’t want this mountain to stop coming
I don’t want the water to stop the way home
I want heaven and earth to give in for me
I’m a little bit of a crack
When you smile, the sky is full of rosy clouds

Fish Tank Monkey
25cm / 75cm / 180cm high

Clock Monkey
25cm / 75cm / 180cm high

Cry, laugh, love, hate
Why can’t you let go of your obsession and anger
Peach blossom in dream
How stubborn, but can not resist a double reed

Ships Monkey
25cm / 75cm / 180cm high

Dali Monky
25cm / 75cm / 180cm high

The truth of black and white
Is it possible to write down in person what you are good at
Three pointed two edged scabbard,
dragon and Phoenix collapse, unicorn fall

Lantern Monkey
25cm / 75cm / 180cm high

Bullet Monkey
25cm / 75cm / 180cm high

Jade steps flying and gold hoops shaking
There is no time to turn back
This is the only stick left in the world for thousands of years
Why does victory end in solitude

Monitor Monkey
25cm / 75cm / 180cm high

Traffic Light Monkey
25cm / 75cm / 180cm high

Who is the wind talking about in the dream
I don’t admit defeat with a promise
Stepping on the south,
Tianyi decides all rivers and mountains
See the end of the world again
Who is frivolous and young, who gives me a belief

​Hyacinth Bell Monkey
25cm / 75cm / 180cm high

Felicitous Wish of Making Monkey
25cm / 75cm / 180cm high

The moon shines before spring
To disturb
It’s a pity that the wind has seen each other for a long time
It’s just dawn
The tightening hoop is not ready yet
I can still smile
Love, hate, worry, fear

Crown Monkey
25cm / 75cm / 180cm high

Andy Warhol Pop Can Monkey
25cm / 75cm / 180cm high

Nothingness is banishment from the same place
The tide rises and falls
There was nothing
It’s called
Qi Tian Da Sheng

王宁华 Wang Ninghua

This digital exhibition selects a series from more than 5000 works created by Wang Ninghua. His works continue his diverse emotions expressed through the mutual expression of things. They are in the same body with things and change into various new images, just like the seventy-two changes of Wukong, Driving gods through the seclusion, carrying mountains, forbidding water, spreading fog, praying for sunshine, praying for rain, making a fire, covering the sun, resisting the wind, boiling stones, spitting flames, swallowing pots, gods walking on water sticks, separating themselves, hiding their heads, chopping demons, asking immortals to pursue souls, taking clouds, carrying dreams, sending sticks, cutting off the current, relieving disasters, yellow and white Swordsmanship It is also like Tao Sheng Yi, Sheng Sheng Er, Sheng Er Sheng, San Sheng, and San Sheng. It describes the natural state of the world and the changes in the intertwined evolution of time.

Wang Ninghua