Ren Zhe: Sculptures Are My Spiritual Capsule

“Calligraphy is the most representational of the oriental spirit. Just like what the ancients say, ‘A person is reflected through his writing’. Through calligraphy, we can see the aesthetic structure and stroke severity, but also a person’s character. Oriental culture focus on the ‘spirit’, and this charm is reflected in my works.’ – Renowned Chinese contemporary sculptor Ren Zhe

Ren Zhe’s sculptures take the form of masculine warrior figures, and with their magnificent stances valiantly grounded; or with chest thrusting in mid-air; they provide dynamism to the human anatomy that convey a passionate, energetic existence. Ren Zhe’s sculptures can be described as simple when depicting the intrinsic human values in their purest sense. Taking from Confucian ideology, they would be magnanimity and courage, nobility, gentleness, respect, and truth. Ren Zhe has registered them as part of his cultural heritage, as the ‘spirit’ or ‘essence’ of the Han Dynasty, as well as his own self-reflection.

*video produced by David Kolko