• Calligraphy Art •The Dream of Red Mansion / Qing Yang Solo Exhibition 2018 / Yang Gallery 09 Dec 2018-09 Jan 2019

  • A Peek at Renowned Contemporary Realism Artist Anton Molnar at Work

    Take a peek at renowned contemporary realism master Anton Molnar at work with the YANG GALLERY team  in his studio in France <3 Anton Molnar was born in Budapest in 1957, and spends his childhood Hungary and Africa. He enters the Fine Arts Academy of Hungary in 1979 and obtains the painting diploma in 1983. […]

  • Zeng Fanzhi’s New Abstractism

    Established Chinese contemporary artist Zeng Fanzhi is an artist whose working process can almost be compared with performance art. Catch the maestro in action, and you’ll find him going all-out while he paints. As the pigments and curves come together, what unfolds are works of art that provoke thinking and resonate with emotions.”Painting to me […]

  • Yang Gallery | Invitation- Reestablish The Garden of Eden: Liu Ruowang Solo Exhibition 2018

    Reestablish The Garden of Eden – Liu Ruowang Solo Exhibition  Opening Cocktail | 2018.9.27 3-6 pm    Venue | Yang Gallery Beijing 798 Address | 3rd Tao Ci Street, No.4 Jiu Xian Qiao Road, 798 Art District, Chao Yang District, Beijing, China Shanxi province witnessed most of the historical events in ancient China and this […]

  • Contemporary Ceramics Collection: 二简字

    The inspiration behind the creation of ‘Two Simplified Chinese Characters 二简字’ series is to showcase the destiny of a generation. The incomplete books burnt by the years is the fate of paper, projecting the image of a certain strong intervention in words yet easily casted aside. These creations are highly realistic & its vintage appeal very […]

  • Welcome to Linlin’s Space Odyssey: Andre Nadal Solo Exhibition 2018

    《Welcome to Linlin’s Space Odyssey: Andre Nadal’s Solo Exhibition 2018 at YANG GALLERY • Singapore》 Renowned contemporary artist Andre Nadal’s architectural background influences & distinguishes his abstract explorations in paint, which he readily incorporates within the body of his highly evolved & stunning works. With Andre, his oil paintings are actually three-dimensional objects themselves. He […]

  • Shi Haozhong: Just Color

    ‘Very few artists are able to flawlessly combine the two vastly different styles of abstractism & realism together; one in terms of spirit, the other in execution.’ -Huang Du, renowned art critic At first glance, these works by prominent upcoming art star Shi Haozhong appear to be thick paint wiped onto canvases’ surfaces… As you […]

  • Welcome to Linlin’s Space Odyssey Contemporary Fine Art Exhibition: Andre Nadal & Lin Xin

    Renowned French painter Andre Nadal creates incredibly precise monochromatic works composed of floating geometric shapes & breathtaking perspectives. Established Chinese surrealist painter Lin Xin’s work intends to to serve as a bridge connecting this virtual digital era & our modern society’s progression. Welcome to Linlin’s Space Odyssey: 28th June – 28th July 2018 at YANG […]

  • Welcome to YANG GALLERY

    Welcome to YANG GALLERY, one of the most prestigious contemporary fine art galleries where art meets fashion, luxury, investment and beyond.   YANG Gallery presents: Oil paintings, Sculptures, Ceramics, Watercolors, Photographs, Prints, Installations, Designer Furniture and Artistic Architectures etc. YANG Gallery’s clients: Contemporary Art Museums, Private Art Foundations, Major Organizations, Luxury Groups, Banks to Private […]

  • Cai Zhisong: Floating Clouds

    ‘Clouds’ is an incredible series of work. Through ‘Clouds’, renowned sculptor Cai Zhisong expresses that the meaning of life is not only about the process, but also the result. ‘Many people enjoy the process but ignore the outcome. But if we ignore it, we will be fearful when it comes to facing it. If we […]

  • Uli Sigg: Collecting Chinese Contemporary Fine Art

    Entrepreneur, journalist, collector and patron – Swiss national Uli Sigg is a multifaceted personality. In recent years, artists from China have become the talk of the town. But Sigg has been promoting modern and contemporary Chinese art for decades. Indeed, he is possibly its most important advocate in the Western world. Learn firsthand in this interview what […]

  • Tamen: A Floating World

    Established Chinese contemporary artist duo Tamen’s latest series of works ‘A Floating World’ create a real yet poetic illusion, a vision that is out of this world where sadness & the sense of loss are difficult to avoid, so we grab every object that presents us with a sense of security, belonging, memory, and belief. […]

  • Wu Mingzhong: Fake Authenticity

    ʻI believe that, except the eternal time, nothing is unbreakable & unchangeable, such as life, love, friendship, power, politics, civilization, faith & spirit.ʼ – Wu Mingzhong Wu Mingzhong’s works more often revolves around the theme of slowing down our hectic schedules today to appreciate our surroundings, values and humanity. Simply by looking at the name of […]

  • Pan’s Art Labyrinth: Pan Dehai and His Paintings

    Pan Dehai is one in the trio of artists known as “Three Swordsman”, three of the most influential Chinese Contemporary Artists highly sought after in the world. In this video, Pan Dehai shares with us the changes in his works during different stages of his career and what art creating means to him. “My works […]

  • A Conversation with Qin Feng: Portraits & Desires in Ink

    Merging an ink-and-wash and calligraphic style with a western abstract aesthetic, established Chinese contemporary artist Qin Feng re-interprets the age-old medium of ink painting infusing it with a new life and colour. In this interview by Christie’s auction house, Qin Feng shares more with us on his artistic philosophy and creation ideas. Qin Feng’s (b. […]

  • Lin Xin: Superstring

    Renowned hyper-realistic surrealist painter Lin Xin’s art, reveals her affection toward the equipment and machines, a kind of feeling formed in the childhood of the first Chinese Only Child generation. Lin Xin remembers the time when workers were highly valued. She spent a lot of time in those big workshops. The influence of pervasive modern […]

  • Ren Zhe: Sculptures Are My Spiritual Capsule

    “Calligraphy is the most representational of the oriental spirit. Just like what the ancients say, ‘A person is reflected through his writing’. Through calligraphy, we can see the aesthetic structure and stroke severity, but also a person’s character. Oriental culture focus on the ‘spirit’, and this charm is reflected in my works.’ – Renowned Chinese […]

  • Wu Guanzhong: Featured by National Heritage Board of Singapore

    Wu Guanzhong, arguably one of the most important Chinese artists of the 20th century, has given the Singapore Art Museum his largest donation to a public museum comprising 113 oil and ink works painted during the years 1957 to 2007. These works represent Wu’s oeuvre over five decades and in both the oil and ink […]

  • Richard Orlinski’s ‘Apprentice’ Taking Over Disneyland!

    Established contemporary French sculptor Richard Orlinski’s ‘apprentice’ is ready to take over the world! The wonderful Mickey from Disney’s ‘The Sorcerer’s Apprentice’ movie has been made into a sculpture iconic of Orlinski’s ‘BORN WILD’ series of sculptures with their dazzling, faceted effect and will be on public display from April 2017 at Disneyland Paris. Richard […]

  • Why is Art Becoming the Most Attractive Investment?

    In today’s growing global phenomenon to invest in art, find out why is art becoming an attractive investment. Can art investment make you money? Discover in this video why art can be a could substitute for stock investing, bond investing and value investing.   video by Profit from Passion on

  • Chinese Contemporary Art: The Greatest Artistic Movement Since Cubism

    Since the end of Mao’’s reign, art works emerging from China have taken the world by storm. We hear from some of China’’s most exciting artists. Artists who lived in rural poverty only a decade ago now shake their heads in wonder as their works fetch millions of dollars in London and New York. ‘”This […]

  • An Interview with Billionaire Art Collector Budi Tek

    Budi Tek is one of the most influential Asian contemporary collectors of our time. With a passion to build public appreciation for contemporary art, the Chinese-Indonesian entrepreneur, art collector, advocate and philanthropist established the Yuz Foundation in 2007, a non-profit organisation dedicated to the promotion of contemporary artists, followed closely by the opening of Yuz […]

  • Cai Zhisong: An Introduction to His Sculptures

    An artist whose powerful work has gained him international recognition, established Chinese contemporary sculptor Cai Zhisong, a graduate of Beijing’s Central Academy of Fine Art, was the first Chinese artist to win the prestigious Taylor prize at the Paris Autumn Salon in Eiffel-Branly. Find out the interesting concept behind Cai Zhisong’s works and how they […]

  • Ai Weiwei: Life is in Danger Every Day

    In this powerful interview Ai Weiwei talks about his art, his life and his reasons for still fighting the Chinese system. ‘I don’t believe people who say they are not scared, even you put them in prison, he says. Ai Weiwei talks about his father, how he was put into prison and how he is […]

  • Lee Jinhyu Solo Exhibition at YANG GALLERY • Beijing 798

    Lee Jinhyu’s Solo Exhibition ‘The Chinese Renaissance 中国的文艺复兴’ was held at YANG GALLERY • Beijing 798 from 5 to 25 November 2016.

  • Gong Dong at Yang Gallery Singapore & Beijing

    A video featuring the works of Chinese artist Gong Dong on display at Yang Gallery Singapore & Beijing.

  • Zhao Limin Solo Exhibition 2013 at YANG GALLERY • Singapore

    Zhao Limin Solo Exhibition 2013 at YANG GALLERY • Singapore

  • Yang Gallery • Singapore

    Welcome to Yang Gallery one of the most prestigious art galleries featuring the most collectible Chinese Contemporary Fine Art in Singapore & Beijing.